Bison cross country team competes at BHC


By Coach John Entwisle

The BHC cross country meet held in Custer last week was our last tune up before the Region 5 qualifying meet this week on our home course. On a cooler than normal day for this time of year Adam Consoer again paced the Hot Springs team with a 2nd place finish. Adam continues to get better each week, but one of the keys to his success is his ability to map out a race before it starts. Adam has become one of the more intelligent runners as he now has the patience to let the race develop rather than just going out in one hell-bent-for-leather race. It is fun to watch him run and work his way up through the race and compete. We still have to refine a few areas of his race strategy but it is getting better with each race.

Colton Koupal (36th, 21:41), John Lane (43rd, 22:24), and Weston Watson (45th, 23:34) are going to have their work cut out for them if they hope to have a shot at the region meet. Like I have mentioned previous, this was our last meet before qualifying for state and this has got to be the week that these runners really go out and challenge themselves to run a complete race. Sometimes I wish I could call a timeout and make some corrections but that is not how this sport works; we just have to go, get over the fears and push a little harder to make what goals we had set at the beginning of the season a reality.

Jewel Brown (45th, 26:15) competed in the girls division, and Jewel will also have to find that next level. However with Jewel, this is here first year and learning how to compete takes a little time to learn.

Jacob Washburn ran his second race of the year competing in the JV race. Jake has shown some good progression through the short time he has been in cross, and I can only imagine what his racing would have looked like with a full season of training.

Pierce Sword (formerly of Hot Springs and now with Custer) placed 14th at the conference meet and it is always a pleasure to watch this kid run. Even though Pierce is running with a different colored uniform, I still admire what this kid brings to a cross country meet and am not ashamed to say that I will always cheer for him as he continues to get better.

The one real missing part of our season has been and will usually be the lack of athletes we have competing for spot at the varsity level. The lack of numbers has hurt us but despite that, the kids we have out have never given up, and as a coach, I really appreciate their efforts. We may not have the talent that others have, but our work ethic is the best. Sad to think that there are kids who get their exercise either working a phone, riding the pine, or just sitting at home; everyone who is out for cross competes every week.

The Region 5 meet will be held this Thursday, Oct. 11, at the Southern Hills Golf Course, thank you, at 1 p.m. with the girls’ varsity kicking the meet off, followed by the boys’ race.


Ron Burtz/Custer County Chronicle

Hot Springs' Adam Consoer competes during last week's Black Hills Conference meet in Custer.


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