Fall River Firecracker Race results announced; Firecracker Scholarship awarded

HOT SPRINGS – Following are the overall winners and the local Hot Springs finishers from last week's annual Firecracker Races, held as part of the Fall River Fourth of July activities.


Women's Division (8 participants)

Overall winner: Megan Graham of Belt, MT – 45:39 (Age 30-39)

Hot Springs finishers: Kristi Novotny - 48:34 (2nd place 30-39).

Men's Division (11 participants)

Overall winner: Gabe Davilla of Hot Springs – 38:34 (Age 19-29)

Hot Springs finishers: Terry Hinn  - 46:16 (2nd place Age 50-59).


Women's Division (39 participants)

Overall winner: Catherin Orban of Chadron, NE - 21:52 (Age 19-29)

Hot Springs finishers: Carlie DeBoer - 24:05 (1st Age 12 & Under); Emma Niles – 36:16 (3rd Age 12 & Under); Rebecca Martin - 33:11 (3rd Age 19-29);  Mikayla Stevens – 37:34 (4th Age 19-29); Willow Wright – 38:17 (4th Age 30-39); Angela Puffer – 43:58 (5th Age 30-39); Denise Haden – 27:42 (1st Age 40-49); Treese DeBoer – 27:54 (2nd Age 40-49); Melinda Haines – 52:13 (7th Age 40-49); Wendy Lorenzen – 52:14 (8th Age 40-49); Rebecca Bogner – 52:53 (2nd Age 50-59); Bettie Branch – 37:03 (2nd Age 60+); Sheri Coleman – 37:18 (3rd Age 60+); Peggy Owens – 44:14 (4th Age 60+); Peggy Semler – 45:30 (5th Age 60+); ; Dorothy Jean Pence – 46:26 (6th Age 60+); Jane Farrell – 50:41(7th Age 60+); Mary Puffer – 51:29 (8th Age 60+).

Men's Division (25 participants)

Overall winner: Duncan Phillip of Chadron, NE – 17:37 (Age 19-29)

Hot Springs finishers: Noah Lambeth – 38:14 (2nd Age 12 & Under); Keaton Bissonnette – 21:44 (1st Age 13-15); Oliver Juhl – 20:43 (4th Age 16-18); Adam Consoer – 21:15 (5th Age 16-18); Max Meyer – 22:51 (7th Age 16-18); Tristian Old Horse – 19:01 (2nd Age 19-29); Matthew Premer – 45:24 (3rd Age 30-39); Martin Meyer – 24:12 (1st Age 50-59).

1 Mile

Women's Division (25 participants)

Times not available:

Hot Springs Participants: Harper Walker (3rd Age 8 & Under); Emmy Bednar (8th Age 8 & Under); Bethany Niles (2nd Age 11-12); Banion Niles (2nd Age 13-15); Jesse Fast (3rd Age 13-15); Christina Schuh (1st Age 30-39); Wendy Walker (2nd Age 30-39); Kelly Bednar (3rd Age 30-39); Nikki Shaw (1st Age 40-49); Malisa Niles (2nd Age 40-49); Terry Slagel (1st Age 50-59); Patty Schuh (1st 60+).

Men's Division (15 participants)

Times not available:

Hot Springs Participants: Porter Bednar (1st 8 & Under); Taylen DeBoer (2nd Age 9-10); Thad Vande Stroet (3rd Age 9-10); Draven Walker (4th Age 9-10); Keaton Bissonnette (1st Age 13-15); Trace DeBoer (2nd Age 13-15); Shannon DeBoer (1st Age 40-49); Brad Bednar 92nd Age 40-49); Gary Slagel (1st Age 60+).



Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald

More than 120 participants took part in the annual Fourth of July Races, which started and ended in Chautauqua Park early in the morning, and included a 10K, 5K and 1 mile events.




HSHS Alumni Assoc.Scholarships awarded

Firecracker 2018 6

HOT SPRINGS – This year's winner of the $1,000 Firecrakcer Finish Line Scholarship is Molly Cape, who is a graduate of the HSHS Class of 2010 currently pursuing a bachelor

's of science in Nursing at South Dakota State University. Molly is currently working at Fall River Health Clinic as a clinical assistant.

The Firecracker Finish Line Scholarship is funded by the 4th of July Firecracker Races in Hot Springs. This scholarship is awarded to HSHS alumni who are entering their last year of college to assist them in finishing their degree.

In addition, the HSHS Alumni Association also presented a pair of $500 Technical Training Scholarships to both Haylee Crossman and Sasha Stover.

Haylee is a graduate of the HSHS Class of 2012 now studying Business Social Media Marketing at Western Dakota Tech. Sasha is a graduate of the HSHS Class of 2015 currently studying nursing at Western Dakota Tech.

The Technical Training Scholarships are normally awarded to graduating HSHS seniors who are entering technical training institutes. This year having received no applicants from the graduating class the Alumni Association decided to open the scholarship to Alumni currently attending Technical Institutes.



Submitted photo

Stacey Martin, HSHS Alumni President, left, presents Molly Cape with the 2018 Firecracker Finish Line Scholarship.



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