Edgemont JH Football Team Finishes Successful Season With A Win Over Oelrichs: 49-12!

By Jeff and Diana Grill
The kids were fired up and you could tell they were ready to put an exclamation mark on their season on Tuesday when they traveled to Oelrichs to play their final game.  The game started off with some really nice run plays by Kaleb Darrow, Jacob Johnson and Justin Mohler.  The Moguls were stealing small yardage gains from Oelrichs when Jacob Johnson broke free for a 40 yard touchdown run and the two point conversion was good putting the Moguls up 8-0.
When Oelrichs did get the ball back, they looked serious about trying to gain yardage, but Edgemont held them for 4 downs to regain possession.  On Edgemont’s first play from scrimmage they ran a reverse to Brennan Haines which was good for 55 yards and a touchdown.  The two point conversion was good and just like that it was 16-0.
With the start of the second quarter Oelrichs came to life showing some solid run plays pounding the ball into the end zone for their first touchdown.  The two point conversion was no good and Edgemont was still ahead 16-6.  Things looked tough when Oelrichs intercepted the ball right back on a long pass play by Edgemont.  Edgemont was able to hold Oelrichs for the second time in the first half, thanks to a knocked down pass by Brennan Haines.  Once again Edgemont chipped away at the running game with first down runs by Jacob Johnson down the side line and Chance Grill on a quarterback keeper.  Then Jacob Johnson broke one big for 30 yards and a touchdown.  The two point conversion was not good and the score was 22-6 going into half time.
The start of the second half was broke wide open when Jacob Johnson ran the kickoff back for a touchdown.  The two point conversion was good and the score was 30-6.  The Edgemont defense had their hands full all day with the size of the Oelrichs offense.  Oelrichs seemed to be able to get four or five yards when they really needed it.  After a few of these, Edgemont readjusted their defense and came up with another big stop on 4th down.  Edgemont’s fast scoring offense did it again on the first down with an 80 yard run play.  The two point conversion was not good and the score was 36-6.  The highlight of Edgemont’s next offensive series was when Justin Mohler scampered for 40 yards and another touchdown.  This time Edgemont opted to try an extra point kick.  With Chance Grill holding, Jacob Johnson booted the extra point that would have been good for 30 yards if needed and the score was now 43-6.  Oelrichs found a little flare with a 50 yard pass play resulting in a touchdown. Their extra point attempt was blocked by Grant Darrow and the score was now 43-12.
Edgemont finished up their final quarter of the year again with some small runs both left and right.  As typical for Edgemont this year on one of the final plays of the game, Kaleb Darrow ran for 28 yards and a touchdown.  The two point conversion was no good and the score ended 49-12.  Edgemont wins their 5th game of the season.  Congratulations go out to the great effort put forth by both the defense and offensive line, special teams and all the players on the team who obviously helped in one way or another.  Special congratulations to the coaches on a very successful year!

Fall River County Herald Star

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