Southern Hills Triathlon results

Photo by Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald-Star

Participants in the Sprint Triathlon emerge from the waters of Angostura to head up the hill towards the bike transition area in the Breakers Beach parking lot.


ANGOSTURA – Nearly 200 triathletes from more than a dozen states competed in the 26th annual Southern Hills Triathlon at Angostura Recreation Area this past Saturday, Sept. 2.

Six different competitive events made up this year’s triathlon: Individual Olympic Distance (1 mile swim / 24 mile bike / 6.2 mile run); Individual Sprint Distance (.25 mile swim / 12 mile bike / 3.1 mile run); Collegiate Sprint Distance; Team Relay Olympic Distance; Team Relay Sprint Distance, and a Youth Triathlon (100 yard swim / 3.1 mile bike / 1 mile run).

First place in the Individual Olympic Distance went to Kevin Mitchell of Sioux Falls, age 54, with a time of 2:19:25, while the top women’s finisher was Marnie Walth of Bismarck, N.D., in a time of 2:34:42, which was fourth overall.

The overall winner of the Sprint Distance was Zack Andrews, age 42, of Douglas, Wyo., in 1:09:00, with Mandi Meredith of Rapid City, age 43, finishing as the first woman with a time of 1:12:22 which was third overall.

Benson Nehring, age 12, of Rapid City, won the Youth Triathlon in a time of 24:07, followed by Emma Dykstra, age 12, of Rapid City, in a time of 24:25, who was the first girls finisher and the second overall finisher.

Lilja McKendry, age 21, of Black Hills State University won the Collegiate Sprint Triathlon in 1:02:37.

There was one local competitor in the Individual Olympic Triathlon and that was Cyrus Bowman, age 34, of Hot Springs, who finished 14th overall (12th in men’s / 1st in division) in the Olympic Triathlon (2:57:33).

Several Hot Springs triathletes competed in the Sprint Triathlon, led by Treese DeBoer, age 50, of Hot Springs, who finished 28th overall (13th in women’s / 1st in division) with a time of 1:26:05. Others included Lori Dahly, age 39, (35th overall / 17th in women’s / 6th in division) 1:29:59; Amy Lane, age 49, (49th overall / 24th in women’s / 11th in division) 1:39:11; Jodie Lim, age 35, (55th overall / 27th in women’s / 9th in division) 1:51:41; Scott Dahly, age 38, (58th overall / 29th in men’s / 5th in division) 1:53:08; David Teachout, age 44, 73rd overall (37th in men’s / 12th in age division) 2:11:13; Chris Pannill, age 37, (82nd overall / 41st in men’s / 8th in division) 2:25:03; Barb Fetters, age 70, (84th overall / 43rd in women’s / 2nd in age division).

In the Youth Triathlon, siblings Bridget Lane (age 12) and Toby Lane (age 11) finished 18th and 19th overall in times of 36:54 and 36:55. Bridget was 8th in division while Toby was 11th in his.

There was also a local Team Relay Sprint Team known as “Tired as a Mother” and included Rachelle Elshere swimming, Willow Wright biking, and Jessica Noteboom running. They finished fourth overall in a time of 1:55:53.

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