Hot Springs Claybusters finish second at 2022 State Trapshoot

ABERDEEN – The Hot Springs High School Claybusters trapshooting team had a very successful spring 2022 season and an even better State Tournament this past weekend in Aberdeen.

According to a post on the Hot Springs School’s Facebook page, the team finished first in their conference and second overall at the state meet, and just one target shy of first place.

Following is the full post from the School’s Facebook page.

“An Amazing day!! Great weather, Great scores, Great food, and miles and miles of smiles!! THANK YOU to everyone that helped in any way. This is truly a group effort and it takes everyone to make it happen!

Our team did exceptional! There were 27 teams present, 372 athletes total. Our Varsity shooters (those with a season average of >19) finished 2nd, one target out of 1st!! The top 5 scores are used to calculate the winners. The scores used were: Jena Kopp -100, Will Kuhl - 97, Kyle Sanders - 96, Terry Hammel - 94, Matt Merrill or Isaiah Cox – 92 (tie). Total of 479, Chamberlain won with a 480.

In the Junior Varsity Division (season average 15- 18.99) we finished 10 targets out of first with a team score of 413. Only the top 3 teams are placed, so I do not know where we finished out of the 27 teams, but definitely in the top one third. Those scores were: Nate -92, Lyndsay-85, Aden, 82, Landen-81, Jacie-73.

We only had 3 Novice shooters (season average <15), so we did not have a team score for them (need 5). As you will see later, they did great!

I have reported that we won our Conference previously. Our Co-captains accepted that trophy. Jena, Zetta, Ciara, and Matt all received individual awards for their top 3 finish in the conference.

We also got to present the ALL STATE patches. This is the award given to those with the top 100 averages in the state. 59 schools, 1417 shooters, a very select group and we had 7 of the 100!! Our recipients are: Matt Merrill, Jena Kopp, Kyle Sanders, Will Kuhl, Isaiah Cox, Remington Allen, and Terry Reetz.

Four of our team got ‘straight patches’ for shooting consecutive strings of targets. 25 straight patches: Terry Hammel, Will Kuhl, Kyle Sanders, Jena Kopp. 50 Straight patches to Will Kuhl and Jena Kopp. 75 straight patch to Jena Kopp. And the most coveted 100 straight patch to Jena Kopp. To shoot without a miss in a competitive, tournament environment is mentally and physically challenging that takes a lot (years) of practice. Congratulations to all 4 of you!! In the honored tradition of trap shooting, we did shoot Jena’s hat for her achievement of her first 100 straight.

Now for the individual tournament results. There were 372 shooters at the tournament, 129 varsity, 132 Jr. varsity, and 111 novice. The competition was keen and one target was the difference in many cases. 17 of the 19 Claybusters that attended the State Tournament shot above their season average. That is raising to the moment!!

Varsity Division, 129 participants

Jena Kopp- 100, 1st place female, 1st place overall

Will Kuhl-97, T5th male, T8th overall

Kyle Sanders-96, 10th male, 14th overall

Terry Hammel-94, 15th male, 19th overall

Isaiah Cox-92, T27th male, T32th overall

Matt Merrill- 92, T27th male, T 32 overall

Ciara Stewart- 91, 6thf emale, 43rd overall

Terry Reetz-88, 56th male, 64th overall

Remington Allen -86, 66th male, 76th overall

Zetta Kuhl- 84, 11th female, 91st overall

Zayden Laplaca- 79, 99th male, 111th overall

Jr Varsity Division, 132 participants

Nate Wold- 92, 4th male, 4th overall

Lyndsay Reetz-85, 2nd female, 20th overall

Aden Pankowski- 82, 32nd male, 35th overall

Landen Fugle-81, 37th male, 40th overall

Jacie Behlings-73, 9th female, 81st overall

Novice Division, 111 participants

Ray Sanders-81, T5th male, 8thoverall

Holden Luer-76, 18th male, 23rd overall

Ella Bossert-73, 7th female, 33rd overall

The coaching staff could not be prouder of this team. There were so many little ‘moments’ that made this shoot special ( a great shot, helping a teammate, the comradery, etc). Smiled all the way home!

Thank you all for a GREAT 2022 Spring season!!

The Coaching staff ( Lorinda, Jeff, Charity , Joe, and Jim)”

Fall River County Herald Star

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