Edgemont Football Team Gets Off to a Rocky Start

On Friday, August 26, the Edgemont Moguls faced the Crawford Rams in their season opener at home. The Moguls lost to the Rams 44 to 0. The game was called at half time, due to inclement weather.
Quarter scores are as follows:
First quarter:
Rams 14, Moguls 0
Second Quarter:
Rams 30, Moguls 0
Final Score:
Rams 44, Moguls 0
Jacob Johnson, sophomore, completed 1 pass for 8 yards. Jared Refior, sophomore, completed 2 passes for 20 yards.
Johnson carried the ball 4 times for 2 yards. Jared carried the ball 8 times for 11 yards, while brother, Malaky, senior, carried the ball 2 times for a total of 4 yards.
Malaky received the ball once, for a total of 14 yards. Ryan Simons, sophomore, carried the ball twice for 14 yards.
Johnson had 1 solo and 2 assisted tackles (3 total). Zach Lane, senior, had 4 assisted tackles, while Ronny Rathke, junior, had 1 assisted tackle. Malaky had 4 solo tackles and 4 assisted tackles (8 total). Tehl Tanner, senior, had 1 solo tack and 1 assisted tackle (2 total). Brennen Hanes, freshman, had 2 solo tackles.
Lane had 1 punt for 36 yards. Jared had 4 kickoff returns for 56 yards.

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