Edgemont's youth face Hill City in YMCA Baseball

By Sarah Callan
On July 12, Edgemont faced Hill City in baseball.
During the first inning, Sierra Morse got one out at first base. When it was Edgemont’s turn at bat, they got a few hits, taking them to first base. At the end of the inning, the score was at 0 for both teams.
In the second inning, more good hits were made by Landon Chance, Bridget Neville, Colter Gerard and Braden Peterson. Edgemont was up by 3 at the end of the inning, making the score 3-0.
Sebastian Morse pitched and caught a fly ball for the last out during the third inning. No score were made for either team, leaving it still at 3-0 at the end of the inning.
Hill City scored three points in the fourth inning. Peterson hit a home run for Edgemont, making the final score 4-3, in Edgemont’s favor.
Bridget Neville is a new player for the team. They did a good job and showed great sportsmanship.
The coaches do a great job of teaching the kids. Grant Darrow umpired the game.

Fall River County Herald Star

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