Awards, honors given to Edgemont students Stevens named valedictorian of class of 2016

By Samantha Miller
Awards night was held for Edgemont junior high and high school students on May 17.
The evening began with recognition of current student council members, and the induction of next year’s officers. They include Avery Van Eaton, Joella Moore, Clay Englebert, Wade Printz, Callie Printz and Abby Tidball.
Perfect attendance awards were given to Avery Van Eaton, Abby Tidball, Lizzy Tidball, Jessica Tubbs and Nate Tubbs.
All-Conference Basketball Awards were given to Maddie Peterson, Avery Van Eaton and Lathen Stevens. Kaleb Darrow received an honorable mention.
Suzanne Hollenbeck gave drama awards to those students who participated in the fall play. Hollenbeck also gave awards to junior high and high school music participants.
Connie Gerard gave the HOBY/Youth Leadership award to Darcy Ball. This award was sponsored by First Interstate Bank.
Tehl Tanner received the South Dakota American Legion Boys State award, which was presented by George Darrow.
Sue Hendricks and Joe Martin presented awards to those students who participated in the Chadron Scholastic Contest. Those students are Katie Thompson, Trevor Stokes, Tehl Tanner, Abby Tidball, Jessica Tubbs, Avery Van Eaton, Kaleb Darrow and Rhett Beard. Darrow received a first place award in algebra 1 and Beard received a third place award for sports.
Trooper Tennyson awarded the Freshman Impact Scholarship to Lathen Stevens.
Staff Sergeant Sheets awarded the Army Scholar Athlete Award to Stevens. Sheets also recognized Ashley Mack for enlisting in the U.S. Army. Mack was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $64,404 for continuing education from the Army College Fund and the Montgomery GI Bill.
Becky Peterson awarded the Dick Porter Scholarship to Stevens and Austin Shook.
Lynda Andersen presented the First Interstate Bank Scholarship to Stevens.
Joe Martin presented the Kelly Komes Award to Stevens.
Stu Marty awarded the Golden West Scholarship to Stevens.
Randy Stevens proudly announced that the Ed Stevens Memorial Scholarship would be given to Stevens.
Don Andersen presented the Edgemont Alumni Association Scholarships to Dustin Curl, Shook and Stevens.
Barb Miller presented the Friends for Education Scholarships to Shook and Stevens.
Connie Gerard awarded the Kenneth Martinson Masonic Memorial award to Stevens.
The Dale McBride Masonic Memorial Scholarship, presented by George Darrow, was given to Curl.
The George Sedlacek Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Stevens.
Becky Peterson awarded the Bill and Mary Fisher Scholarship to Curl.
Susan Ostenson presented the Fire Department Auxiliary Scholarship to Stevens.
Hendricks presented the National Honor Society Scholarship to Stevens.
The last honor of the night was presented by Lane Ostenson. He named Stevens as the valedictorian of the class of 2016.

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