Comet Classic and Mountain West track meet results

On May 3, the Edgemont Track Stars traveled to Rapid City for the Comet Classic invite.
Lathen Stevens placed 2nd in the 100-meters with a time of 11.87 seconds. Dustin Curl placed 9th in the 200-meters with a time of 25.68 seconds.
In the 3200-meter race, Kimberley Moeltgen, Jenna Ostenson and Emily Moore placed 5th, 6th and 7th respectively. Moeltgen’s time was 15:19.55, while Ostenson’s was 15:41.61. Moore’s time was 17:44.15.
In the girl’s 100-meter hurdles, Ostenson placed 11th, with a time of 20.04. Kaleb Darrow places 4th in the 3200-meter race, with a time of 12:02.66.
In the boy’s 4x100 relay, Stevens, Curl, Ryan Simons and Rhett Beard places 5th with a time of 47.05 seconds. In the boys’ 4x800 relay, Beard, Darrow and Ryan and Chris Simons placed 3rd with a time of 10:27.29.
In the boy’s medley relay, Ryan, Beard, Stevens and Curl places third, with a time of 3:56.59. Abby Tidball finished 10th in the 300-meter hurdles, with a time of 59.68 seconds.
Tidball, Moeltgen, Moore and Jessica Tubbs placed 10th in the 4x100 girl’s relay, with a time of 1:01.46. In the 4x800 girl’s relay, Ostenson, Moeltgen, Moore and Tubbs placed 4th, with a time of 12:35.88.
In the girl’s medley relay, Tidball, Ostenson, Tubbs and Moeltgen placed 8th, with a time of 6:02.47. In the girl’s shot put, Tidball placed 7th, with a throw of 29 feet, 9.5 inches. In the girl’s high jump, Tubbs placed 4th, with a jump of 4 feet, 6 inches.
On May 7, the track team traveled to Lead for the Mountain West Invite.
In the boy’s 100-meter, Lathen Stevens placed 1st, with a time of 11.79 seconds. In the boy’s 200-meter, Dustin Curl placed 5th, with a time of 25.29 seconds. In the boy’s 800-meter, Curl placed second, with a time of 2:08.22.
In the girl’s 300-meter hurdle, Abby Tidball placed 5th, with a time of 59.64 seconds. In the girl’s 4X800 relay, Tidball, along with Kimberley Moeltgen, Emily Moore and Jessica Tubbs, placed 2nd, with a time of 12:54.67. Tidball also placed 2nd in the shot put with a throw of 32 feet, 3.5 inches.
Kaleb Darrow finished 7th in the 3200-meter with a time 12:55.28. In the boy’s 4X100 relay, Rhett Beard, Ryan Simons, Stevens and Curl placed 2nd with a time of 47.26 seconds. In the medley relay, Darrow, Beard and Ryan and Chris Simons placed 7th with a time of 4:47.61.
In the boy’s long jump, Stevens placed 1st, Curl, 4th and Ryan 9th. Stevens jumped 20 feet, 5.5 inches, while Curl jumped 18 feet, 10 inches and Ryan jumped 17 feet, 4 inches. In the girls high jump, Tubbs placed 6th, with a jump of 4 feet, 7 inches. Tubbs also placed 9th in the long jump, with a jump of 13 feet, 2.75 inches.

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