Young Lady Moguls Take on Crawford

By Sarah Callan
On November 13, the Junior High Girls Basketball Team traveled to Crawford. They took on the young Lady Rams at 4 p.m.

Girls playing for the young Lady Moguls are Kaitlin Gerard, Kristen Lynn, Peyton Ostenson, Morgan Peterson, Serenity West, Sammy Andrie, Bridget Neville and Sierra Morse. They played against seventh and eighth graders.

Morgan Peterson made the only two baskets of the game for the young Lady Moguls. Crawford won 8 to 4.
This was our first game of the season. Everyone did a great job for their first time. They are learning the game and having fun.
The A team for the young Lady Moguls started at 5 p.m.
Team A includes: Sara Barker, Elli Hollenbeck, Taylor Grill, Kara Smith, Kali Schmidt, Carly Stokes, Cindy Remington and Cadence Hyatt.
Elli Hollenbeck scored twice and Cadence Hyatt scored once. Crawford won 18 to 6.
They all did a great job dribbling and controlling the ball through the entire game. They had great teamwork.
Coaches for the girls this year are Michelle Joint and Becky Peterson. They did a great job with the girls.

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