Moguls Lose Against A Very Tough Harding County Team

By Aaron Eberle
On Tuesday, October 29, Edgemont faced defeat against the Harding County Ranchers in a tough first round playoff game.
Harding County showed up to play against a smaller Edgemont team. That’s not to say that Edgemont didn’t have some heart. Some good defense tackles were made and even though they struggled getting the ball down the field, the Moguls showed heart.
Many times Edgemont had to punt the ball away. Add that to some interceptions and fumbles, or strong winds, made it a very rough night against a tough team.
During the first kickoff, Stevens returned the ball for 19 yards. Jared ran for 2 on the first down, then for 1 on the second down. Lathen ran 3 yards, but was sacked. Curl punted for 21 yards on fourth down. Harding County answered back by score rapidly.
The Ranchers kickoff went for 46 yards, which Curl returned for 20. Stevens ran for 1 yard on the first down, but threw an interception the second down. The Ranchers responded again with a touchdown and a two point conversion.
During the third kickoff to the Moguls, Jared fumbled. Defensively, Malaky, Simons, Curl and Jared played tough and tackled hard, keeping the Rancher’s to only 2 yards, offensively.
The Moguls only gained 3 yards on their next series offensively, giving Curl another opportunity to punt for 28 yards. Lane, Curl, Jared, Stevens, Malaky, and Johnson played hard on defense again, but the Ranchers scored again, making the score 20-0.
The next time the Moguls had the ball, penalties plagued them, forcing them to let Harding County have the ball again.
The fourth quarter was some improvement for the Moguls. Tanner, Johnson and Malaky recovered some fumbles that were helpful. Defensively they played hard. Lathen returned the football 75 yards to make the Moguls only touchdown.
Dave Cortney, head coach for the Moguls, had nothing but positive things to say about the boys, their season, the playoff game and the community of Edgemont.
Even though Cortney thought that the Moguls were out manned in ways all season long, they really thought that there may still be a chance for a playoff win. The boys have showed a lot of heart.
Cortney said “Between the cold weather, a few calls that didn’t go our way, penalties and being down 20 to nothing in the first quarter, it was hard to come out on top. Harding County is a very powerful team. I take my hat off to them. I expect them to win.”

Harding County has more playoff and state championship experience than Edgemont does. Those things, along with travel time for Edgemont, bigger Harding County players and the ground being wet and soft in spots were contributing factors to the loss.

Cortney was very proud of the boys. “They all played hard as a team and they never quit. Lathen proved that by scoring our only touchdown.”
Cortney went on to talk about the season as a whole. The first two losses for the Moguls this season were against the Crawford Rams and the Faith Longhorns. The Moguls lost to both teams by just a touchdown. Both teams won their first round of playoff games.
“What an awesome season! They did well. I am proud of the two seniors, Lathen and Dustin. They showed great leadership all season and will be missed. I am also proud of the other boys and we will be coming back strong,” Cortney said.
Cortney went on to talk about how not only it had been a long time since the Moguls have had a winning season, but an even longer time since a playoff game. Although it would have been nice for the boys to continue on, it wasn’t in the cards. After the playoff loss against Harding County, the boys were sad and emotional, but their heads were held high.
Cortney also added that they would like to thank the community for their support. “What an excitement! It was so neat to leave on the bus and have community members there with signs and to cheer us on. Thanks!”
Quarter scores are as follows: first quarter, Ranchers 20, Moguls 0, second quarter, Ranchers 26, Moguls 0, third quarter, Ranchers 40, Moguls 0, final score, Ranchers 46, Moguls 6.
Lathen Stevens, a senior, attacked for 15 yards at quarterback and threw for 34. Jared Refior, sophomore, filled in at the same position and attacked for 2 yards, while passing for 42.
Stevens carried the ball 17 times and had 20 rushing yards. Stevens also had 42 receiving yards. Jacob Johnson, a freshman, had 1 receiving yard, while Dustin Curl, senior, had 33 receiving yards.
Jared recovered one fumble. Stevens had 190 total yards, Curl had 87, and Johnson had 1.
Stevens had 96 total yards, Johnson had 1, Jared had 38, and Curl had 33. Stevens intercepted the ball 1 time for a total of 15 yards gained.
Rhett Beard, a junior, assisted on 1 tackle. Stevens obtained 13 solo tackles and 8 assisted tackles. Johnson had 5 solo tackles and 7 assisted tackles. Jared had 4 solos and 3 assisted tackles. Curl had 6 solo and 5 assisted tackles, while Malaky Refior, a junior, had 1 solo and 9 assisted tackles. Dennis Moore, a junior, had 1 solo tackle and 2 assisted tackles. Ryan Simons, freshman, had 3 assisted tackles, while Zach Lane, junior, had 1 solo tackle and 5 assisted tackles.
Curl kicked off twice for a total of 69 yards. Curl also punted 4 times for 148 yards.
Yardage for the Moguls on kickoff returns were: Stevens 3 times for 113 yards, Tehl Tanner, a junior, 1 time for 0 yards, and Curl 3 times for 54 yards. Stevens scored the only touchdown for the Moguls.
Individual and team totals for the season are as follows:
Passing yards:
Lathen Stevens with 548, Jared Refior with 220, Chance Grill with 13 and Rhett Beard with 5. Team total: 786 yards.
Rushing yards:
Lathen with 916, Dustin Curl with 260, Jared with 258, Rhett with 26, Malaky Refior with 9, Jacob Johnson with 6 and Dennis Moore with 2. Team total: 1477 yards.
Receiving yards:
Dustin with 369, Lathen with 186, Malaky with 100, Ryan Simons with 70, Jacob with 56 and Chance with 5. Team total: 716.
All purpose yards:
Lathen with 1644, Dustin with 778, Jared with 271, Malaky with 109, Jacob with 86, Ryan with 68, Rhett with 36, Dennis with 2. Team total: 2,994.
Total yards:
Lathen with 1650, Dustin with 629, Jared with 478, Malaky with 109, Ryan with 68, Jacob with 62, Rhett with 31 and Dennis with 2. Total yards: 3,029.
Total Tackles:
Lathen with 145, Dustin with 95, Malaky with 82, Jacob with 74, Jared with 68, Ryan with 64, Zach Lane with 34, Rhett with 20, Dennis with 19, Clay Englebert with 12, Jacob Mack with 6, Tehl Tanner with 5, Kaleb Darrow with 3, Christopher Simons with 2, Ronald Rathke, Dalton Reutter and Chance with 1. Team total: 632.
Jared with 9.5, Ryan with 4, Jacob with 1, Clay with .5. Total sacks: 15.
Fumble recoveries:
Ryan with 4, Malaky and Jacob with 3, Dustin and Lathen with 2, Tehl with 1. Team total: 15.
Dustin had all f the kickoff yards, at a total of 1717, as well as the punting yards at 821.
Kickoff and punt return yards:
Lathen with 298, Dustin with 124, Jacob with 15, Rhett with 10, Jared with 8. Total yards 455.
Lathen 23, Dustin with 6, Jacob with 5 and Jared and Malaky with 1. Total: 36.
Touchdown points:
Lathen with 138, Dustin with 36, Jacob with 30 and Malaky and Jared with 6. Total: 216 points.
Dustin had 7 points from PATs and field goals.
Touchdown rush:
Lathen with 18, Dustin with 4, Jacob with 2, Jared with 1. Total: 25.
Lathen 6, Dustin with 3, Malaky with 2 and Dennis and Ryan with 1. Total conversions: 13.
Congratulations on a wonderful season!

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