Hot Springs Bills 10-29-15

By Sarah Callan
On October 24, at 4 p.m., the Hot Springs Bills played the Douglas Patriots in Hot Springs.
During the first quarter, the bills received a kickoff at the 40 yard line. Braden Peterson made the first touchdown, with Cameron making the extra point. This made the score 8-0.
Sigh made a 6 yard gain and then a touchdown, making the score 14-0. Sebastian Morse did a great job of tackling, while Cameron sacked a Patriot for a 10 yard loss. Jordan got the ball and ran for a 15 yard gain.
In the second quarter, Jordan threw and Cameron received, making a touchdown. The score was then 20-0.
We recovered the ball from the Patriots. Sebastian carried the ball for a 10 yard gain, then we carried the ball another 5 yards. Later Jordan and Sebastian made a tackle on the play. Jordan recovered the ball from the Patriots for a touchdown. No extra points were scored. The score was then 26-0.
During the third quarter, Sebastian tackled on the 35 yard line and stopped a touchdown for the Patriots. Later the Patriots got their first touchdown, making the score 26-6.
Colter Gerard sacked a Patriot in the backfield. Colter, with assistance, stopped them in the backfield again.
In the fourth quarter, Sebastian tackles again and stopped a touchdown from the Patriots. The Bills later recovered the ball on their 7 yard line. Cameron made a total of 65 yards on the play. Sigh made another 20 yard gain.
Matthew lost the ball on the 10 yard line, but Braden recovered it. Sebastian carried the ball for a 8 yard gain.
Jordan made it to the 1 yard line. Cameron made the touchdown and the 2 point conversion. With under 2 minutes to go, the Patriots, lost the ball and the Bills recovered it. The final score was 34-6.
The Bills record is 6-1, putting them in the playoffs. There next game will be on Saturday, October 31, at 12:15 p.m. Whoever wins will go to Spearfish and play against the Patriots. Come and cheer them on!!

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