Boys District Basketball and Team Stats

Edgemont’s Moguls traveled to Oelrichs on Monday, March 2 for district basketball. They faced the New Underwood Tigers and lost.
Quarter scores are as follows: first quarter, Moguls 6, Tigers 23, second quarter, Moguls 15, Tigers 48, third quarter, Moguls 25, Tigers 67, final score, Moguls 35, Tigers 81.
Leading the Moguls in District play were Lathen Stevens with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 5 deflections and 2 steals, Malaky Refior with 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Dustin Curl with 5 rebounds, Rhett Beard with 3 assists and Kyle Litzel with 1 block.
The Moguls ended their season with 1 win and 20 losses.
Season stats for each individual Mogul are as follows:
Scoring for the Moguls were:
Lathen Stevens with 335, Miles Englebert with 148, Kyle Litzel with 87, Malaky Refior with 40, Corey Andrie and Dustin Curl with 37 each, Rhett Beard with 36, Andrew Bushman with 17, Zach Lane with 9, Kaleb Darrow with 6, Trevor Stokes with 3, and Clay Englebert with 1.
Total points for the season were 756.
Rebounding for the Moguls were:
Kyle Litzel with 146, Miles Englebert with 138, Lathen Stevens with 85, Malaky Refior with 53, Dustin Curl with 52, Rhett Beard with 27, Corey Andrie with 13, Andrew Bushman with 10, Kaleb Darrow, Clay Englebert, and Trevor Stokes with 4 each, Zach Lane with 3, and JD Berg and Ryan Simons with 1 each.
Total rebounds for the season were 383.
Blocking for the Moguls were:
Kyle Litzel with 9, Lathen Stevens with 8, Miles Englebert with 3, and Dustin Curl and Malaky Refior with 2 each.
Total blocks for the season were 24.
Steals for the Moguls were:
Lathen Stevens with 80, Miles Englebert with 20, Kyle Litzel with 17, Dustin Curl with 13, Rhett Beard with 10, Malaky Refior with 7, Andrew Bushman with 6, Corie Andrie with 5, Clay Englebert with 2, and Kaleb Darrow and Trevor Stokes with 1 each.
Total steals for the season were 162.
Deflections for the season were:
Lathen Stevens with 69, Kyle Litzel with 31, Miles Englebert with 27, Dustin Curl with 24, Rhett Beard with 17, Malaky Refior with 8, Corey Andrie with 5, and Andrew Bushman and Kaleb Darrow with 2 each.
Total deflections for the season were 185.
Assists for the season were:
Lathen Stevens with 74, Miles Englebert with 18, Kyle Litzel with 11, Rhett Beard with 17, Dustin Curl with 10, Corey Andrie with 9, Malaky Refior with 5, Andrew Bushman with 4, Zach Lane with 2 and Kaleb and Rodney Darrow with 1 each.
Total assists for the season were 152.
Congratulations on your season boys!


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