Edgemont Moguls Face Phillip Scotties

On December 20, boys and girls basketball action saw Edgemont traveling to Phillip at 2:30 p.m.
Lady Moguls lost to the Phillip Scotties.  Quarter scores are as follows: first quarter Moguls 6, Scotties 18, second quarter Moguls 12, Scotties 35, third quarter Moguls 18, Scotties 48, final score Moguls 26, Scotties 60.
Team leaders were Cay D Sedlacek with 8 points and 1 assist, Joella Moore and Maddie Peterson with 4 rebounds, Katie Lane with 5 steals, and Cay D Sedlacek and Abby Tidball with 3 deflections.
In boys action, the Moguls lost to the Scotties. Quarter scores are as follows: first quarter Moguls 9, Scotties 26, second quarter Moguls 15, Scotties 42, third quarter Moguls 24, Scotties 67, final score Moguls 40, Scotties 87.
Scoring for the moguls were Lathen Stevens with 17 points, Miles Englebert with 12 points, Dustin Curl with 5 points, Kaleb Darrow with 3 points, Rhett Beard with 2 points, and Clay Englebert with 1 point.

Fall River County Herald Star

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