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Elementary presents Spring Music Program

Elementary presents Spring Music Program

By Amber Schumacher 

Staff Reporter 

EDGEMONT - On Thursday, May 3, the Edgemont Elementary school presented their Spring music program, “Music All Over Me” and “The Adventures of Lewis and Clark” to a gymnasium packed full of proud parents and community members.  

Directed by music teacher Suzanne Hollenbeck, the lower elementary classes performed several songs encompassing their theme, “Music All Over Me”. Those songs included, “Music All Over Me”, “March, March, March,” “Hand Jive”, “Sway”, and “Hop Til Ya Drop”. The kids on the stage exuberantly danced around to the songs, doing simple choreographed gestures to their upbeat music list. 

After a short intermission for re-arrangement, the upper elementary classes took the stage to present “The Adventures of Lewis and Clark”, a musical performance with cast members, props and spoken dialogue. The long list of theme-centered songs included, “The Ballad of Lewis and Clark”, “Let’s Make a Deal”, “Life’s Ruff”, “This is Our Home”, “Fork in the Road”, “Wayfarin’ Stranger”, Tumblin’ Waters”, “O! The Joy!” and finally a reprise of “The Ballad of Lewis and Clark”. 

The entire musical program started at 7 p.m. and lasted a little over an hour.

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