Noem Fighting To Keep Hot Springs VA Facility Open

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Since an August Congressional Hearing in Hot Springs, South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem has been fighting with all her might to keep the facility open for the veterans of the tri-state area.
Noem says still, after three months, she is waiting for some answers.
Noem says the biggest struggle she has faced was comparing the number of Veterans that the Black Hills Health Care System say they serve to the actual number of Veterans that are currently being served. Noem believes that the BHHCS...

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Darrell Du Toit Is A Hometown Icon

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Darrell Du Toit is a Veteran and one of Edgemont's 'native sons'. He was born on June 16, 1935 in the 'Sisters Hospital' at Hot Springs. He is the only child of Donald W. Du Toit and Ella Francis Trotter. In the early 1900's, both families of Du Toit and Trotter homesteaded south of Edgemont, so Darrell comes from real 'pioneer stock.'
The year he was born, was known to have the worse dust bowl storm of the infamous decade known as the 'dirty thirties.' In June of 1935, it also snowed. He was...

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Commission Takes No Action on Soil Farm Referendum Appeal

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By Curt Nettinga
An agenda item, referencing the discussion of the soil farm referendum appeal caused the Fall River County Courtroom to be standing room only with interested parties, for Thursday’s regular County Commission meeting.
Fall River County State’s Attorney Jim Sword held a short executive session with the commission prior to the discussion in the open meeting, bringing those in attendance up-to-date on actions taken by his office thus far and why he advised County Auditor Sue Ganje...

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Votes May or May Not Be Counted

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By Curt Nettinga
A request to dissolve a writ of prohibition and allow Fall River County residents’ votes to be counted on a proposed soil remediation farm near Edgemont was denied by Judge Robert A. Mandel on Friday.
High Plains Resources, LLC, had filed the writ in September, alleging that actions taken by the Fall River County Commission at a June 19 meeting were improper and that votes on a referendum arising from a resolution approved at that meeting should not be counted.
So now, the issue...

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Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

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By Betty Patrick
The Edgemont Senior Center will be hosting the dinner on Thursday, November 27, 2014 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
This is the ninth year the center has been involved.  A group of citizens, headed by the mayor, Jim Turner, and his wife, Cindy, felt a need fro people who didn’t have family close to be with.  They rounded up money, help, and a tradition was started.
We will be accepting help, both money and people.  We will be providing the turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy...

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