Ninth Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Story and photos by Barb Strozewski
The gathering of folks for the ninth annual community Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 27, at noon, was well attended.  
Earlier in the day Brent White, Garry Lord and Darrell Du Toit started the day off peeling potatoes.  Betty’s  kitchen help continued to arrive, with the following  volunteers: Sandra Woodward, Dottie Thornburg, Barb Bryan, Tammi Biller, Karen White,  and a sweet couple from Pringle.
Les Walker and Irma Harrod delivered seven meals and they had a ride-along photographer, me.   
At 12:30 p.m. the meal delivery folks hit the road and that was a lot of fun. It was nice to see everyone smiling ,and to bring some greetings to people who were wanting a great meal, which it was. I took some pictures Betty wanted to have for our Senior Center wall.  One little lady didn’t want her picture taken, but said I could take a picture of her dog, Sophie, if I wanted.  There was laughter, joking and just a quick in and out, yet it touched me deeply to be a part of it.
Clyde Gullickson was playing the piano for us, as everyone enjoyed visiting with each other.  He tried to stop after a couple songs and was asked to please play some more.
After Betty thanked her helpers, any the people who donationed money,  and expressed her gratitude for all  her help , she then asked Clyde Gullickson to give the blessing, which he graciously did.  
After the dinner was over, and ‘to-go’ boxes readied for people to take with them, the silent auction took place.
There was laughter and joking as we cleaned up the center and tucked away the precious memories of the ninth annual community dinner.

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