High School Play Well Received By Community

By Aaron Eberle
On Thursday, November 20 and Friday, November 19, Edgemont High School students performed a play titled “The Trouble with Being Tucker Dowt”.
Tucker Dowt, played by Miles Englebert announces he’s going to be murdered and folks wonder if he’s trying to upset his doctor, Orson Buggy, played by Tehl Tanner, or buy a little time from foreclosing banker, Brandon Russeld, played by Wade Printz.
Jane Russeld, played by Courtney Wilcox, the new girlfriend of Tucker’s grandson, Wilton Blooms, played by Dustin Curl, arrives for a visit and Tucker suddenly disappears in a mysterious fashion.  Did he pass out or pass away entirely?  “Here one day, and going, going gone,” mulls Minnie Blooms, Tucker’s eccentric daughter, played by Ashley Mack, who always gets famous adages mixed up.  
All the while, Minnie’s sister, May Dowt, played by Darcie Ball, is busy writing the Great American Novel and trying out dramatic death scenes, as if Tucker’s demise wasn’t enough!  
Minnie’s daughter Pansy  Blooms, played by Joella Moore, spends way too much time reading until she meets the man of her dreams, the eloquent Sheriff Keefer Mahart, played by Kristofer Hamaker, whose metaphors make her swoon.  
Unfortunately, Keefer is there to serve eviction papers and throw the whole family out on the street.  Nosey neighbors, Theo Graymare and Iona Lott, played by Trevor Stokes and Rhett Beard respectively, whiny handyman, Rufus Leekin, played by Skylar File and public relations agent, Dell Cards, played by Rodney Darrow add to the confusion.  
When Tucker’s supposed twin brother Tap Dowt, played by Miles Englebert, shows up, the banker can’t believe his eyes!  It was intresting to find out who got the benefit of the “Dowt” in this uniquely hilarious comedy!
Make-up artist was Mercedez Mohler, sound and construction was Jonas Kvarud, curtain and construction was Lathen Stevens, construction was Mark Hollenbeck and Austin Shook, video was Austin Shook, and set design was by Linda Tidball. A special thanks went to Scott Corbett, assistant to the directors, Amy Ferley and Michell Urban, junior class sponsors and all the parent who helped with the junior class fundraiser.

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