Liquor License Renewals at City Council Meeting

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s City Council met on November 18, at 7 p.m.
After general meeting openers and the first reading of two updated ordinances, the council went into executive session at 7:18 p.m. and the meeting resumed at 8:16 p.m.
Fresh Start Convenience Store, Metanoia LLC (Brewsters), otherwise known as The Benchwarmer, Victory Steakhouse, Igloo Bar and the Hat Creek Grill were up for liquor license renewals.
Mayor Shaw called for each business, but The Hat Creek Grill, individually and asked for public comments.
One public comment was made that Councilwoman Carla Schepler should abstain because they felt she would have a conflict of interest where the Victory Steakhouse was concerned.
Attorney James Sword reported that there would be no conflict of interest where Councilwoman Schepler was concerned, but with Schepler’s consent, they agreed it was better to be safe than sorry, so she abstained.
All liquor licenses, with the exception of The Hat Creek Grill, passed with minimal to no public comment.
During the Hat Creek Grill hearing to renew their liquor license, Mayor Shaw stepped aside, stating that it was a conflict of interest, leaving Councilman Stalcup presiding. Chris Evans, owner, as well as many community members, spoke on Evans’ behalf.
Ordinances were brought in to question that Evans is in violation of. Many comments were made about why this had anything to do with liquor license renewal.
Council members were trying to set the stage of whether or not Evans was trustworthy and could uphold the laws of the city to retain his liquor license.
Evans and many other supporters still argued the fact that Evans is an upstanding citizen and there has been no convictions, other than a protection order.
Mike Koopman, city code enforcer, spoke of violations and codes that he has to enforce through businesses and home owners. Evans needs to get a certificate of occupancy from the city for the Hat Creek Grill. Evans also needs to fix the height of some fences on his personal property.
Koopman stated that Evans has been working with him on certain issues.Koopman hates that all of this happened at the same time, but also stated that he has no personal animosity where Evans is concerned.
After heated discussion, for and against, Councilman Stalcup made a motion to renew the liquor license for The Hat Creek Grill. Stalcup’s motion died for a lack of a second.
No motion was made by the City council to give notice of 30 days for a hearing to suspend a malt beverage license for the Hat Creek Grill.  
In other council news, interviews were held November 20 for the Public Works position.  Mr. Woodward would like to meet with city council members and Mayor Shaw about his business, Woody’s Workshop, in the near future. Materials for the museum roof are in. Councilwoman Schepler will replace Councilwoman Woodward as library council representative and the plat was approved for Clova Wasserburger.

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