Water pressure issues affect town’s water usage

By Amber Schumacher

Staff Reporter

EDGEMONT- Due to ongoing issues with water pressure and the absence of a water pressure reducer in the new water treatment plant, Edgemont experienced very low water levels last week. 

On Wednesday, July 11, city officials placed announcements on the windows of local area businesses so that residents might see their plea for reduced water usage. According to city employee Karen Cain, the water tower had dropped to only five feet deep as of Wednesday morning, July 11. By Thursday morning it had risen slightly up to six to 13.5 feet. 

According to Public Works crew manager Joe Koller, the city likes the tower to be comfortably operating at 15 to 17 feet of water depth and as of Monday, July 16, the water level had risen to a more stable 20 feet. Last week, the city had asked residents to avoid watering their lawns for a couple days, with no nightly watering and no watering on the football field alone. “the addition of the football field was something we didn’t anticipate as far as water needs,” remarked Cain. 

Looking forward, if the water were to “run dry” and fall below eight feet, the city would introduce the maximum water restrictions for 12 to 24 hours until the well can produce enough water to stabilize the supply. One of the biggest issues is that the city currently operates on only one well. The engineers from AE2S and the project manager Dustin, are working as quickly as they can to get a second well ready to go. With the one well only putting out 200 gallons a minute, the city is in dire need of another working well. 

“The water will never be completely unavailable to residents,” said Koller, in response to the maximum restrictions, “Its an honor system that we hope residents will abide by in an effort to conserve water when we are that low.”

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