KHSB to host Garden Tour July 21

HOT SPRINGS – Keep Hot Springs Beautiful will host their biennial Hot Springs Garden Tour on Saturday, July 21, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tickets ($8) may be purchased at any of the homes on the tour on the day of the tour; directions to the homes are available at The tour will feature five gardens in town, including one near the golf course. All five gardens show the owners’ creative solutions for working in challenging spaces and are sure to inspire visitors. Master Gardeners will be on hand at each garden to answer questions. Visitors are asked to wear sturdy shoes for the tour, and to leave their pets at home. KHSB thanks the homeowners for opening their gardens for this event, which is a fundraiser for the organization. Proceeds from the event support the downtown street corner pods and the organization’s other activities aimed at keeping Hot Springs beautiful.

Following is a listing of each garden scheduled to be on the tour.

“Fencing with form and function.” Connie Geiser, 301 North 4th Street

All Hot Springs gardeners struggle to keep deer from spoiling their hard work; come see how Connie has artfully dealt with them and some other four-legged furry friends, as well as a road that wants to wash into her yard. A patio with a relaxing waterfall in a private yard edged by beds of a variety of flowers, containers in all sorts of nooks and crannies, and vines climbing trellises will give you some ideas for adding beauty to your challenging location.

“No need to water.” Krista & Lennie Ramacher, 128 South 16th Street

Krista is used to working without much water since she and her family moved to Hot Springs from arid Idaho. Using a combination of native species like Echinacea and Asclepias, drought- tolerant shrubs, and species she saw thriving in the downtown pods, as well as some ornamental grasses that don’t mind some hail now and then, she and Lennie have created a bit of privacy in their front yard even on a busy city street. Their efforts earned them a KHSB 2015 Homeowner Improvement Prize.

“Ever-changing but always full of heart.” Gail Pinkleton, 209 South 16th Street

Thirteen years ago Gail had a back yard consisting of grass and two apple trees that the deer just loved. The grass is now limited to a few paths winding through a beautiful array of bird-friendly shrubs, fragrant flowers, a smattering of vegetables, a couple of shade trees, and a carpet of ground covers. This dedicated gardener will be able to tell you the variety of each rose (like Sunny Knockout), daylily (Sunday Glove), and barberry (Emerald Carousel), and how other gardening friends have influenced her garden. Look for all the heart-shaped rocks she’s found in her travels and placed around her garden.

“You’ve surely noticed this one.” Lester & Terri Hagen, 107 North 25th Street

If you’ve ever headed up University Avenue on your way to Shopko, you’ll have noticed Lester’s masterpiece on the corner of 25th Street. His well-protected, raised-bed annual vegetable garden lines one edge, whereas perennial foods like chives and rhubarb hide in with the roses and other deer-resistant shrubs on another edge. Look for beds of annuals tucked here and there, and a cactus/rock garden near the outdoor kitchen. And you can’t miss the interesting array of ornaments that Lester and Terri have picked up over time.

Birkholt pond cmy

“Rock, water, and towers.” Frank & Alisa Birkholt, 1113 Clubhouse Drive (see photo to right)

Frank travels a lot for his work, and his garden showcases rocks and plants from many of the locations he’s visited. He’s used some of these in a pond with pink water lilies, koi and comets, as well as movable bulrushes and irises, all enjoyable up close or from above. The native rock under-lying his yard and his frequent travels make vegetable gardening a challenge, but he’s come up with an innovative solution to providing plenty of rooting area and water for greens, summer squash, peas, broccoli, and even tomatoes when he’s not around.

For more information, contact Beth Spitzer at 745-4876 or Nancy Gregory at 745-4059.



Photos by Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald

The amount of color and depth of the amount of work that has gone into Gail Pinkelton’s entire back yard will be something to behold as participants take part in the Keep Hot Springs Beautiful Garden Tour later this month.


The birds-eye view of the pond located next to the home of Frank and Alisa Birkholt gives a unique perspective of all its elements, including a waterfall, lily pads, a hibiscus as well as large goldfish.



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