Edgemont School approves building repairs, network assessment

By Amber Schumacher

Staff Reporter

EDGEMONT - During the Monday, June 11 school board meeting held at the Edgemont High School Library, the board discussed and eventually approved a bid to repair the roof above the gymnasium. 

School Administrator Lane Ostenson and Board Member Shane Miller offered up information about the roof repairs after walking the roof twice, once with the Custer-based roofing and repair company, Couch’s Waterproofing Products, and again with the Rapid City company, LaPrade Roofing. 

Ostenson and Miller informed the board that both companies had identified the same problems and had given very similar solutions to addressing those problems - redoing the seams along the rubber roofing. After the two companies walked the roof and identified problem areas, only one company returned phone calls and submitted an official bid to complete the repairs — Couch’s Waterproofing Products, which submitted two separate bids that offered two options. 

After discussion, the board voted unanimously to approve the roof repairs in the amount of $4,182 to cover sealing problem areas along leaks and low gutter spots, seal all lap seams around protrusions, other seams in disrepair and to seal the cracks in the stucco along with general maintenance on the roof. Upon approval, Couch’s confirmed they would be down that same week to begin the repair work. 

In addition to the repairs on the roof, the board entertained a bid from Bob Tienszold for repairs to the boys’ locker room shower. The bid included work to address safety issues caused by incorrect water drainage resulting in rotted wood, broken tiles and ineffective seals. 

Tienszold’s recommendations to take off the top step leading into the showers and assess the wood beneath, taking care of any rotted wood. He would then re-seal the step and reposition the tiles to create a proper slope for water runoff to drain. In addition, there are other repairs to the boys locker room included on Tienszold’s bid. 

While the school board is awaiting an official bid in writing, they had approved the repairs to the boys’ locker room not to exceed $3,400. Tienszold will also be submitting several other bids in the upcoming weeks for other repairs around the school including severely sloped floors in the schools home-economics and speech rooms. 

School Administrator Amy Ferley presented a proposal to the board for a full network assessment from KT Connections based out of Rapid City. Ferley felt that having the network assessed would be a great base for the new network team coming into the school for the 2018-2019 school year and that getting any kinks worked out in the network prior to the beginning of the next school year would allow a smoother transition for the whole school. Ferley pointed out that with the new laptop program, there are networking and equipment needs that should be assessed for maximum efficiency. 

In KT Connections proposal to the school district, their network assessment comes at a cost of $3,075 and covers the following assessments:

• KT Connections’ Network Assessment Technician will visit the school campus to perform some of the tasks. 

• Use KT tools to scan Internal and External vulnerabilities

• Wireless Review

• Wired Review - Switches/Routers/Firewalls

• Active Directory and Domain Best Practices

• Device Discovery (everything online inside network)

• In-Depth Analysis of Discovered Devices

• Backups/Disaster Recovery Review

• Infrastructure Environment Review 

• Email configuration Review (spam filtering, exchange, on-site, 365)

• Remote Access Workflow (who has remote access, how and why)

• Public Domain Information (who is, DNS records, etc)

• Review Windows Update/3rd Party Program Updates

• Compile Network Discovery Information (report at a glance)

• Utilize an interview or questionnaire to gather information from the IT staff and Administration Staff

Following their assessment, KT Connections purpose is to “review the current technology base of the school and use the TA (Technology Audit) to identify gaps, strengths to build on and weaknesses which need addressing.” Furthermore, their intention is to identify where the school may need to develop technological capabilities and to assess the skills, competences, knowledge and expertise of the system and the staff. KT Connections will then deliver their results accompanied with their professional recommendations to the EHS Administrative staff, with no further obligations to purchase specific software, equipment or networking services. 

After the assessment the school is free to shop around for items or services that fulfill the recommended changes or upgrades. In addition to their assessment, KT Connections will also offer future services as needed for day-to-day technology help and will be able to tap-in remotely for assistance. 

After hearing the information and carefully reviewing the proposal, the board agreed with Ferley about the necessity and approved the Network Assessment in the amount of $3,075.

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