Catch A Rainbow of Colorful Experiences at the Edgemont Library

by Aaron Cross
A fantastic display is set up at the Edgemont Public Library for kids of all ages to experience.
This display is on loan from the HOP program and was made possible for the Edgemont Public Library because of a grant from Black Hills Power.
During the month of October from this particular HOP trailer (which there are more than one) is a display on light and color.  This exhibit is extremely pleasing to the eye with its sophisticated design and colorful displays.  People can see a whirling kaleidoscope of light, color and modern technology.
There are over 15 hands-on activities and interactive designs, exhibit manuals, educational and starter kits and much more.
As visitors enter the library, they will see the HOP exhibit and be greeted by a whirling kaleidoscope of light, color and modern technology.  Visitors will view amazingly lifelike holograms and much,  much more.
Ashley Courtney, head librarian is very excited about having this exhibit through the end of October and can’t wait for people to come and see it.

Fall River County Herald Star

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