Regional Landfill Receives Funding

The State Board of Water and Natural Resources has approved a $450,000 funding package to Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District to construct two new solid waste disposal cells at the regional landfill near Edgemont.
The package includes a $151,100 grant and a $298,900 loan from the Solid Waste Management Program. Loan terms are 2.25 percent for seven years.
The funds will be administered through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
The estimated cost of the project is $755,871.
The project to add two new cells involves excavating 100,000 cubic yards of soil, constructing compacted clay liners, installing a leachate collection system and placing a gravel drainage layer.
“This funding will help the regional landfill expand and add up to ten years to the useful life of the landfill,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

Fall River County Herald Star

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