Election November 4

By Aaron Cross
The General Election will be held November 4 and absentee voting has begun.Voters must be registered for the General Election by October 20, 2014.
Federal races include United States Senator and United States Representative.
State races include Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, State Senator, State Representatives, and State Treasurer.  You may also vote on Constitutional Amendment Q, Initiated Measure 17, and Initiated Measure 18.
On the county level ballot issues include: the Soil Referendum (see related article this page), Commissioner of School and Public Lands, Public Utilities Commissioner, County Auditor, Sheriff, and County Commissioner At Large.
The polls will be open from seven a.m to seven p.m. on November 4.  Edgemont residents should go to the St. James Parish Center to cast their vote.
Candidates for the United States Rick Weiland (D), Mike Rounds (R), Gordon Howie (I) and Larry Pressler (I).
Running for United States Representative  race are Corinna Robinson (D) and Kristi Noem (R).
When voting for Governor and Lieutenant Governor you may vote for  Susan Wismer and Susy Blake (D), Dennis Daugaard and Matt Michels (R) or Michael J. Myers and Lora Hubbel (I).
Candidates for Secretary of State, the candidates are Lori Stacey (C), Emmett Reistroffer (L), Angelia Schultz (D) and Shantel Krebs (R).
Running for Attorney General are Chad Haber (L) and Marty Jackley (R).
When voting for State Auditor you may vote for Kurt Evans (L) or Steve Barnett (R).
Candidates for State Treasurer are Ken Santema (L), Denny Pierson (D) and Rich Sattgast (R).
Running for Commissioner of School and Public Lands are John English (L) and Ryan Brunner (R).
When voting for Public Utilities Commissioner you may vote for Wayne Schmidt (C), David Allen (D), or Gary Hanson (R).
Candidate for State Senator in District 30 is Bruce Rampelberg (R).
Running for State Representatives in District 30 are Mike Verchio (R), Lance Russell (R) and Gardner Gray (I).
When voting for County Auditor is Sue Ganje (R) and David Colburn (I).
Candidates for Sheriff are Robert J. Evans (R) and Jeff Shannon (I).
Running for County Commissioner at Large (you may vote for up to two) are Karla LaRive (D), Deborah K. Russell (R), Joe A. Falkenburg (R), Susan R. Henderson (I) and Edward Harvey (I).

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