Sights and Sounds of the Season

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By Brett Nachtigall


HOT SPRINGS – For many years, Doug and Brenda Nikkila of Hot Springs have enjoyed entertaining community members around the holidays.

Prior to moving to Hot Spring last September from Sturgis, Brenda had run a daycare where they created their own haunted house for Halloween and had 600 people come through the doors. Christmastime was no different as they illuminated their neighborhood near the Pamida/ShopKo with an elaborate light display and show, synchronized to holiday music. Their home became synonymous with the holidays in the legendary biker town of the Northern Hills.

Luckily now for residents of the Southern Hills, they’ve taken their show on the road.

Their new home is located about five miles north of town along Hwy. 385, around a half mile before the entrance into Wind Cave National Park.

The light show you see when first driving by, seems to be impressive, but just how impressive isn’t realized until you see the lit sign telling you to tune your radio to 98.1 FM.

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