Entrepreneurs bring their experience and heritage to the area

Photo by Charity Maness

While Springs Construction owners Johnny Keim and Paul Sannie hire transportation to their job sites, the more traditional horse and buggy transportation is honored at their homes. Pictured here, a horse and buggy sign alerts drivers on Hwy 71 to the possibility of seeing them along the roadway.


By Charity Maness

HOT SPRINGS – Business partners Johnny Keim and Paul Sannie, owners of Springs Construction, recently moved to the area and bring to Fall River County more than 20 years of woodworking craftsmanship and building expertise with focus on cabinetry and ground-up construction.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Johnny’s father had a table and chair factory where Johnny spent many days learning at his father’s side the techniques of creating wood furniture and cabinets from beginning to finish.

“I started when I was 14 with gluing panels,” recalled Johnny, “at the time I thought I hated it but when I moved to finishing I knew this was where I wanted to be.”

While Johnny currently waits for his shop to be built where he can build custom cabinetry, “that will measure to the precise inch,” he offers design, assembly and installation of a quality dovetail line of cabinets.

Paul began working construction just a few years ago but brings with him work ethic and many skills.

“I have worked dairy farms, heating and cooling, custom harvesting, handyman, concrete and construction,” said Paul of his work history, with his favorite work being cement work. “I like the challenge of concrete. You only get one chance to get it right.”

The partners’ dream is to build a home from the ground up. But they enjoy all aspects of home construction from cabinetry to flooring, remodeling to custom built garages and sheds, roofing to concrete flatwork and more.

Both originally from Wisconsin, they discovered Hot Springs via Paul’s fathers bucket list of retirement locations.

“My dad, as he toured, was looking for a place to retire and knew this (Hot Springs) was where he wanted to retire. So when we were looking to grow our own business outside of Wisconsin, he suggested we look at Hot Springs; we did and we bought,” he smiled. “We came here in the blind.”

“We have gotten such a warm welcome,” said Johnny.

“All the way through purchase, opening a business, it has been such a great experience,” said Paul.

While Johnny and Paul were the first of their Amish community to move to Hot Springs, there are a total of five families now living in the area, with more on their way who will be able to offer mechanic services, seamless roofing and more.

While both take their work seriously, they have a firm life priority list: God, Family and business, in that order.

“We take spirituality seriously,” said Johnny.

While they do have some modern conveniences such as cell phones, they try to adhere to a pure Amish lifestyle – no internet, no cars, no photos, homeschooling and more.

“We do not drive to help keep our community together and honor our heritage,” said Johnny, hence the horse and buggy signs along Hwy 71. They hire drivers to get them to job sites and to tow their work trailer.

The extended Keim family also has a tasty business sure to excite those who love custom homemade pastries, cookies and breads; Keim’s Bakery.

Keim’s Bakery is owned by Sarah Ann Keim, wife of Johnny’s brother Isaac, who learned to bake at a very young age by her mother’s side.

“I have always loved baking,” said Sarah, “my favorite thing to make is pies, but I like baking everything.” 

Keim’s Bakery offers multiple varieties of pies, breads, muffins, cookies and bars. To order call Sarah Ann Keim at 715-701- 3813.

As their community grows, they all hope to become more active in Hot Springs.

“We want to be part of this community,” said Johnny, “and help where we can.”

For more information call Johnny Keim at 605-574-0580 or Paul Sannie at 605- 440-7544.

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