County commissioners want salvage piles controlled on Oelrichs property

Photo submitted by Timi Burdette

The President of the Oelrichs Town Board recently came before the Fall River County Commissioners and asked for their help in cleaning up this property at 824 Railroad Street.


By Cathy Nelson

HOT SPRINGS – A property at 824 Railroad Street in Oelrichs that is used as a salvage dump has overflowed onto surrounding property and become a public nuisance, Timi Burdette told the Fall River County commissioners during their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19.

Burdette, who serves as the President of the Oelrichs Town Board, said the citizens of Oelrichs want the place cleaned up, but the owner lives out of town and continues to advertise for more salvage. The junk is piling up on the other property that belongs to the school district.

The owner continues to advertise for salvage even though he has been asked to clean up his property. Burdette said people are dropping off junk outside his fenced area. “What can we do?” she asked the commissioners. “We want to do the right thing for our town. We need guidance.” She further explained that when a group met with the owner and asked him to clean up his property they were met with hostility.

“We have a nuisance ordinance,” said Commissioner Joe Falkenburg, “It’s something we need to address.”

Commissioner Deb Russell said, “It could become a lawsuit if he doesn’t abide by the law.” She suggested talking to State’s Attorney Lance Russell for help. Falkenburg said it would be discussed further at the November 2 commission meeting.

On a different issue, some neighbors in rural Oral told commissioners that they are concerned that some people living in trailers near Oral are dumping sewage in Sand Creek because they do not have a septic system. However, Commissioner Russell assured them that the sewage is not going into Sand Creek because the people have a storage tank.

The commissioners approved an increase in water rates in the Provo Water District. Jerry Stearns, a water district official, requested that rates increase from $35 to $45 a month for ag, and $30 to $40 for residential.

Director of Equalization Lily Heidebrink reported that Sam Kipp completed the assessor certification, and his next step is to pass the test. She also said her office has an open position for data entry and assistant.

Commissioner Falkenburg presented an article from the Mitchell Republic about a group calling itself South Dakotans First, which is a group of farmers and ranchers that has come together to advocate for the right to private property. A study showed that 80 percent of the 1,037 voters surveyed oppose eminent domain being used by private companies such as Summit Carbon Solutions.

Other items approved by the commissioners include the following:

• Accept petition for Woodland Road Road District and set election for November 14 beginning at 5 p.m.

• Plats by Andersen Engineers

• Purchase of a new computer that costs about $1,100 for the county Emergency Manager’s office

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