Cormier Takes Over Putting Out The Tribune

My name is Kara Cormier (Cor-Me-A), and I am the new manager at the Edgemont Herald Tribune. 

I have a small background in journalism but more importantly feel that I have a passion for this field of work. I also feel that my previous work related experiences have equipped me for this position and I’m prepared to give my best effort. I enjoy photography, writing, interacting with the community, and covering the latest stories. 

I was born in Sulphur, La., and have also lived in Mississippi, Arkansas, Montana, and Alabama. I attended the University of Alabama on campus and I’m now attending the University through their “Degree At A Distance” program. Roll Tide! 

I graduated from Hallsville High School in Hallsville, Texas. My family had lived in Hallsville for past 13 years (the Texan accent is noticeable) until this past December when my dad, sister, and I moved to Edgemont. 

My dad, Jo Cormier is the new pastor at Edgemont Baptist Church, an LSU Tiger and never meets a stranger. My sister, Allison Cormier is a freshman at Edgemont High School where she enjoys playing sports and being involved in school events. All three of us enjoy football season and are proud New Orleans Saints fans. Who Dat?!

During the last four months our family has meet some wonderful people here in Edgemont and felt very welcomed into this community!

I look forward to serving the Community of Edgemont with my new position. And, I intend to bring the people of Edgemont the latest news as I continue to work on my craft. If you’re downtown, feel free to stop into the office and said hi, I’d love to meet y’all!

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