City Council holds second meeting in January

By Aaron Eberle
On Tuesday, January 17, Edgemont’s City Council met.
Deputy Steve Yenulonis gave the law enforcement report. Councilman Bill Kruetzer asked Yenulonis what the extra patrols meant. Yenulonis stated that these typically meant they got out of the vehicle, checked doors, windows, etc. to make sure everything was okay.
Yenulonis went on to say that sometimes the extra patrols could come in handy, while other times they did not. If something ever came up as part of an investigation or a break-in, they could go back on the logs to narrow down times, etc.
Mayor Carl Shaw stated that he had heard from Deputy Lyle Norton. Norton had relayed that the investigation at Cactus Hills was progressing.
Shaw stated that there had been a lot of feeding of wildlife in town, such as turkeys and deer. Shaw wondered is Yenulonis would be willing to enforce the ordinance of the City on this subject. Yenulonis would be willing to help with this.
Shaw reported that he had went to Pierre for a Water Board Conference meeting. There will be another meeting in Edgemont on January 31.
Councilwoman Barb Strozewski addressed the council and the mayor about a past agenda item.
Strozewski realized that she could not change the fact that she was taken off of the law enforcement committee, but she felt the need to address a few issues.
Strozewski never had private meetings with Commissioner Joe Falkenburg. Falkenburg had sent a letter stating that the only meetings he attended were with George West, Carla Schepler and Barb Strozewki to try to develop a workable law enforcement contract. Falkenburg also stated that the only other discussion was during a commissioner meeting.
Strozewski felt that she was more of a courier and gathering information to get the contract settled.
Strozewski still had concerns over the letter of termination that Shaw wrote on October 31, 2016. Strozewski stated that she knew that Shaw stated that the lawyer had advised him that it had to be worded that way. Strozewski did not know why Shaw didn’t double check with the council before it was sent. She also didn’t know why nobody was jumping all over Shaw, but all over her over things that did not happen.
No response from the Mayor or council was made on Strozewski’s comments.
In other news:
The Igloo Bar liquor and malt beverage licenses were transferred to Tom V. Simons from Tom G. Simons.
Council approved to send Matthew Soiland to Basic Water Treatment Classes in Spearfish from January 24 through January 26 and pay expenses. Councilman Paul Nelson asked what the expenses would include. Shaw stated that they could include meals, mileage and a room. Nelson wondered if the state rate for these things would be used. Finance Officer Karen Cain responded that they would be.
Council approved to send Kyle Kaiser to attend testing for stabilization pond in Rapid City on February 16.
Council approved to send Randy Millburn to attend recertification classes for weed spraying and West Nile in Rapid City on February 3.
Dallas Stewart wondered if after Millburn was recertified if they could do anything about the cattails, etc., at Trout Dam. They have gotten really thick. Stewart realized that they may not all be able to be removed, as the were a source of feed for the fish, but they are so thick right now, you can’t fish anyway.
Shaw stated that they have worked on it some. It is difficult to do anything with them right now, because of the snow. Shaw was hopeful that it would be better in the future.

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