School Board holds Regular Meeting in January

By Aaron Eberle
On Monday, January 9, the school board held a regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m.
Diane Stevens stated that she would be working on W2’s for everyone. Along with the W2’s ACA regulations require them to send a 1095 form pertaining to health insurance. Stevens stated that she felt this year would be easier with the insurance. Last year, she was combining two. This year she would be dealing with just one.
Amy Ferley stated that she got some paperwork filled out for the special education department. Ferley also turned in a revised budget for the classroom innovation grant.
Ferley stated that at the next in-service, TIE would be at the school to discuss customized learning. The structural rebuild team will meet to talk about research around scheduling.
Dave Cortney stated that he is continuing to formally evaluate staff. Cortney will be going to Pierre for the superintendents’ legislative day. Cortney will get a chance to talk to legislators about current educational issues.
Cortney stated that they interviewed two certified teachers over Christmas break. They are specifically interested in a special education teacher for the 2017 - 2018 school year.
Cortney stated that the school will be working with the Mason’s and their CHIPS program. The Mason’s had approached the board about this in November. The kindergarten through eighth grade students (with parents’ permission) will participate in this on February 15.
Cortney also said that he had spoke with KT Connection. They have been working through the new camera system. They also have a streaming option that the school could purchase for $2,700. Cortney didn’t know if this was an option that the board may be interested in or not, but it was an option that was available.
Cortney also stated that he had been approached with a quote on a new coach bus. The school is interested in purchasing a new bus this year and have budgeted $85,000 for this.
Cortney stated the most recent quote he had received was $175,000. Trade in for the 2004 yellow school bus would be around $4,700 and it had 85,000 miles on it. Trade in for the 2006 yellow bus would be around $7,000 and had 93,000 miles on it.
Cortney stated that Lane Ostenson had looked at another quote for a yellow bus. It would cost $51,000 and would have no storage.
Board member, Susan Humiston, can’t see spending that much taxpayer money on a coach bus.
Cortney stated that a nice thing about the coach buses is that they generally have bigger motors and tend to last longer, as well as higher mileage on the bus. Board member Connie Gerard agreed.
Humiston stated that she had nothing to report on the Black Hills Special Services Report. The last meeting was held by conference call due to inclement weather and nothing was really discussed.
Cortney recommended to the board to allow for a staff professional development day on April 24. They would like to register the teachers and special education aides for the TIE conference. It will be held in Rapid City. Cortney stated that this was as close as it would be for the next two years. Since the school is now involved in this, it would be nice to send everyone. The board approved this.
In other news:
The board accepted the resignation of Nancy Kate, special education teacher at the end of the current school year.
The board approved the 2017 - 2018 school calendar.
The board approved to surplus an old tripod, DVD recorder, 12 personal finance books and one old accounting book for trash.

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