Rural Fire District making progress regarding service contract with Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department

By Charity Maness

HOT SPRINGS – At a special Hot Springs Rural Fire District (HSRFD) meeting held Wednesday evening, Feb. 8, at the South Annex building in Hot Springs, compromises were made, invoices were paid and forward progress was in the works.

With a full house in attendance, leaving standing room only, the meeting opened with HSRFD Secretary Patty Nikkila pointing out that due to the nature of a special meeting, there were no minutes to be read and no treasurer’s report to be presented.

The board members present were Mark Siebenthal – President, Patty Nikkila – Secretary, Gary Romey, Gene Weisser, and Doug Nikkila. Don Olstad was not present nor was Karen Meston.

Patty Nikkila announced that the HSRFD board had received HSRFD Treasurer Karen Meston’s resignation on Feb. 6, 2023, with no further information given regarding the reason for the resignation.

The HSRFD met in an executive session prior to the public meeting to make some changes to the Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department (HSVFD) service contract and felt confident that the updated contract would meet with the approval of the HSVFD membership when it is presented at their next meeting.

A motion was made, that if the newly updated contract was accepted by the HSVFD at their February 14th meeting, that the board would write a check to HSVFD in the amount of $30,300; the total for the annual service contract.

Angostura Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) will receive an annual service contract payment of $10,100.

The ownership of vehicles utilized by the HSVFD was also addressed with a truck ownership agreement signed by both parties.

The HSRFD board made quick work of submitted purchase order requests, with some receipts in hand and others to be submitted in a timely manner.

Purchase order requests approved by HSRFD board:

• HSVFD -$1,186.60 – drop tank for rural 4 truck

• HSVFD - $47,640.00 – 6 SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus)

• HSVFD - $2,609.97 – bunker gear (turn outs) personal protection equipment (PPE) for fire protection

• HSVFD - $1,670.35 – nomex hoods, helmets and gloves (fire resistant, anti static PPE)

• HSVFD - $975.00 – water rescue equipment (clarified rescue not recovery)

• AVFD - $9,475.71 – wildland gear including gloves, goggles, helmets and nozzles

• AVFD - $269.24 – wildland hose for truck hook up to hydrant

• AVFD - $595.89 – truck rescue equipment – jacks, tow ropes, spot lights 

There was some discussion regarding an additional AVFD purchase order request #004 requesting class cost reimbursement for 10 plus attendees to attend emergency vehicle operators class with the only concern being the proper qualifications required of the instructor to legally certify those who attended the course. The board approved the purchase order pending proof of qualification of trainer.

Meeting adjourned 6:55 pm. 

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