City begins New Year with First Regular Meeting in January

By Aaron Eberle
Deputy Steve Yenulonis gave a run down of the law enforcement report. Yenulonis stated that they had spent 71 hours and 46 minutes in Edgemont during the last two weeks.
Yenulonis pointed out that the welfare check call was on a gentleman during Christmas Eve that just didn’t want to speak with his family. Mayor Shaw asked how the invegation with Cactus Hills was coming. Yenulonis replied that they were making headway slowly, but surely. Yenolunis also stated that the Holidays slowed some things with this, but he was hopeful they would be back on track in the future.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward stated that Public Works crew had been very busy cleaning snow. Shaw added they have also being doing maintenance on things between snow removal.
George Eberle wondered why it took so long to get the ridge of snow removed on “Main Street” (what is really Second Avenue). Shaw stated between time and the City not having the proper equipment to remove that amount of snow, it took awhile. The Barkers were hired to assist with this project and scheduling conflicts with their equipment, made the process a little slower.
Eberle wondered if there was extra money for snow removal or a fund set aside for this particular deal. Shaw stated that there was not a particular fund set up for snow removal. Shaw went on to say that the monies for snow removal could come from the general fund or the street fund and there was money for this.
Councilman George West asked if Shaw had heard anything from the state about the snow removal. Shaw had talked to a state employee and thought everything was okay with the state.
Shaw stated that he heard they have approval for the next step in the water project. Dale Evans from AE2S will be on hand next month to give a further report.
Jason Shook requested that the next time we got massive amounts of snow and there was a ridge in the middle of the street, it would be nice to have walkways by every business in town. This would make it easier for patrons to walk across the street to the businesses.
The Hat Creek Grill, to be run by Dennis and Teresa Moore, applied for their malt beverage and liquor licenses. Shaw opened the floor to a public hearing on said license.
Eberle believes that the Moore’s will be good citizens. Eberle believes that the re-opening of the Hat Creek Grill will be nice to have more business and more eating and drinking choices in town. This will also bring in more tax dollars. Barbara Hausman agreed with Eberle.
Kreitzer wondered if there would be any unforeseeable heartburn. Mr. Moore did not think there would be. Kreitzer also added that anything in the future would be between the Moore’s and the state, to remain in compliance with their license, etc.
Councilwoman Barb Strozewski asked if the license still stated that they had to have a 60/40 split between the food and liquor sales. Mr. Moore replied that was still the case. The application was approved by the council.
In other news:
The Law Enforcement contract had been approved by both the council and the county commissioners. Shaw needed approval from the council to sign the law enforcement contract.
The Dakota Pump and Control contract needed approved and signed by the mayor. This contract pertains to the lift stations. Shaw stated that its cost is $800 per year. They have been with this company for the last four or five years and the maintenance agreement states that Dakota Pump and Control must maintain things three to four times a year. This was approved.
Council approved the state financial assistance agreement - project #2016 pavement maintenance at the airport.
Council approved salaries and wages for the upcoming year, as well as the Edgemont Volunteer firefighters list.
Committee appointments were approved for the upcoming year. Krietzer replaced Brenda Cullen on the financial committee. Councilman Paul Nelson replaced Strozewski on the law enforcement committee. Krietzer replaced Strozewski on the union committee.
Strozewski asked why she was being replaced on the law enforcement committee. Shaw stated that he felt that Strozewskie was having private meetings with Commissioner Joe Falkenburg and attending county commissioner meetings when she did not have the authority to do so. Strozewski responded that she had not been having private meetings with Falkenburg.
Shook asked if the council got a say in who was nominated for the committee appointments or if the mayor appointed them. Shaw responded that was a mayor appointment. Shook felt that Shaw was being a bully.
Eberle would like to see a better breakdown on where his money was going to on the water bill. There has not been much progress in that department and Eberle felt he had a right to know.
The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 24 at 7 p.m.

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