City Council holds Last Regular Meeting in December

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s City Council met on Tuesday, December 20 at 7 p.m.
Deputy Steve Yenulonis gave the law enforcement report. Yenulonis had one call that involved a victim. Since Marcy’s Law passed in November, law enforcement now has to hand out Marcy’s cards to these victims.
Yenulonis stated that they had found evidence of a meth pipe at Mogul Mart. Usually these things are discarded unless they have further information about who the suspect, they have reason to investigate further.
Yenulonis also stated that they have further information on the vandalism at Cactus Hills. Mayor Shaw asked if the kids were from Hot Springs or Edgemont. Yenulonis stated that they couldn’t release any information on that yet, because it involved juveniles.
Shaw stated that the Public Works Crew has been busy moving snow and fixing water leaks. They have contacted Barkers to have help and the use of their excavator to help finish one. The crew has also been doing some fixing in the shop.
During public comment, Dallas Stewart and Ann McDermand spoke.
Stewart wondered why the Public Works Crew had put snow in the lot next to the Mason’s building. Shaw stated that Joe Koller had asked on of the other Mason’s and they told Koller it was okay.
Stewart was concerned for several reasons. The Mason have trouble with the basement flooding. When the snow melts, it could become an issue. This lot is also personal property and Stewart also felt that it was foolish to run the equipment to move the snow twice.
McDermand had some concerns about how the contract with the sheriff’s office was handled. McDermand believes that after the Law Enforcement committee gets through negotiations, the second step is to take the contract to the council and then to the county. McDermand wondered why it went to the county before it went to the council.
Councilwoman Strozewski admitted that it was done backwards by sending it to the county first. Strozewski also stated that the county had approved the contract earlier that day, and the council would approve it later in the meeting. McDermand believed that by doing this it violated the South Dakota open meeting laws. McDermand also stated that Strozewski has been around long enough to know this.
Strozewski felt that McDermand was attacking her and she requested that McDermand speak to Councilman George West about this. West was the Law Enforcement Committee president.
West stated that even though Sheriff Evans and Commissioner Joe Falkenburg both had copies of the contract, he felt they knew that the council had to approve this first.
McDermand stated that this could cause big problems and the council should use the services of their lawyer. Strozewski stated that if McDermand was such a problem solver, why was money withheld on the old agreement.
McDermand thought that was problems for the lawyer as well, but she was addressing the current contract negotiations anyway. Contract negotiations were never presented to the council as a whole until that night. McDermand wondered if they could possibly hold things over until the next meeting, if necessary. Shaw stated they could if they had to.
Dustin Dale from AE2S was at the meeting seeking approval for construction projects one, two and three on the water project. Dale was in hope that the council would approve the low bids for all three projects.
After council approval, Dale stated that the information would then be sent to the state. After the state was done, the information would be sent back to AE2S. This could take four to six weeks. After AE2S got the information back, Dale was hopeful construction could start somewhere near the end of January or sometime in February, weather dependent.
Frank Gregg asked what the water was being tested for. Dale responded that it was being tested for radioactive particles. Right now, the water is out of compliance. Some of the things that would help with being in compliance would to be to prevent corrosion and take out chlorine.
West made a motion to keep the law enforcement contract the same with the exception of instead of three years, the contract would be renewable in one year.
Strozewski stated that Falkenburg wanted to change the amount of hours from 30 to 40. West would still like to have his motion be the same
Councilman Paul Nelson stated that he believes there is a communication problem between Fall River County, Edgemont’s city council and the sheriff’s department. Nelson know that he is new to the council, but believe that by keeping the contract similar, they will not be losing or gaining anything. He believe that one year is a workable solution and they won’t be under the gun. They will be able to go from there.
Gregg wondered if the continuity of service would be okay and if one year was time enough. Nelson stated that he know he is new but thinks one year is enough. Nelson can not speak for other council members. Councilman Bill Kreutzer thinks that the one year limit will hold everyone’s feet to the fire and he is in full support of this.
Neslon wondered who would be in the position to take this back to the county once it was voted on. Shaw would be the delegate. The motion to renew passed.
In other news:
Shaw stated that he had been in Minneapolis during his time to speak.
Council passed Resolution 12-20-2016-1. This resolution would Kreutzer, Sandra Woodward and Carla Schepler come up with a advantageous boundary of the City of Edgemont. It appears that according to different entities that they have different boundaries for the City.
The council approved Resolution 2016-12-20-2. This would allow finance officer, Karen Cain, to transfer money from the General Fund Contingency to various other line items. $752,425 will be supplemented to the 2016 budget.

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