First Interstate Bank assists Edgemont Senior Center in repairing collapsed sewer

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Jessica Van Eaton with First Interstate Bank, left, recently presented a $5,000 check to the Edgemont Senior Center, which was used to make repairs on a collapsed sewer line. Also pictured are Mary Hollenbeck and Darrell Dutoit with the Senior Center.



By Jazmin Harris

EDGEMONT – The Edgemont Senior Center had a collapsed sewer line the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, and received a great deal of community support to rectify the situation.

Mary Hollenbeck of the Senior Center said they believed it was a clogged sewer line and called Edgemont resident Brett Jarman, who stated there was a collapsed sewer line instead of a clogged line. Edgemont Senior Center then called Wade Wasserburger with Black Hills Underground to repair the sewer line.

On Thanksgiving Day, members of the community came to assist the Senior Center in any way they could. The Senior Center was closed down for four days due to the collapsed sewer line, but Meals on Wheels still continued operations with an alternate menu, given they were unable to use water.

The Senior Center contacted First Interstate Bank and applied for a community grant and was given $5,000 for the repairs, which in turn covered the entire bill, with a little left over for future use.

Hollenbeck said the Senior Center members are extremely grateful to the community for their generous support and they will be using the additional funds to finish projects started last summer.

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