School Board holds Last Regular Meeting of the Year

By Aaron Eberle
On Monday, December 12, at 7 p.m., the Edgemont School Board held a regular board meeting.
Diane Stevens reminded everyone that petitions for the school board election can be taken out on January 27. They will need to be filed in her office by February 24 at 5 p.m.
Stevens stated that they have received notification that the FSLA overtime rule change has been delyed due to a lawsuit in the eastern district of Texas that was filed to block the rule. Steven’s stated that Edgemont’s school attorney determined that Jasmyne and herself are the only two employees the rule will affect.
They started filling out time sheets December 1. Stevens will keep them on file with their paystubs so they will have those hours documents if and when the rule goes through.
Lane Ostenson stated that he has been talking to the athletic director in Custer. Custer held a wrestling quandrangular this year. They have been discussing hold that in Edgemont next year. They are also discussing the possibility of having something yet in Edgemont this year.
Amy Ferley stated that the structural rebuild team has been researching and will be meeting soon to talk about one of the weight bearing walls. They will be scheduling more meetings after that. The implementers are also working in the classroom,, practicing how to group and regroup students and tam teach in order to reach students at a deeper level.
Ferley has been working on getting the December child count together for the sate. Ferley has also been visiting with teachers about the progress on their SLO’s and scheduling evaluation times.
Dave Cortney watched the governor’s proposed budget address. The governor proposed a one percent increase in student funding. Cortney also wen to chamberlain and met with other superintendents to discuss the governor’s budget proposal for 2017 - 2018. They also discussed relevant topics for this year.
Cortney discussed that since the bus did not sell that they had decided to surplus, he would like to have people consider donating it somewhere. Cortney had spoken to some people in Hot Springs that may be interested.
Cortney shared a letter with the board that Zane Hesting, a Chadron State College Student had sent. Hesting was in Egemont getting his observation hours for his education degree.
Hesting was very complimentary of Mrs. Wright’s classroom and felt it was a very rewarding experience for him. Hesting was treated with the upmost kindness and felt it was nice when the communication with surround districts goes smoothly.
Cortney felt that it was something very nice to hear about the school.
Scott Corbett and Kaleb Darrow, representatives for the student council, attended the meeting. They would like to give the concession stand in the school a face lift. There would be some decorating with barn wood, an awning and a case that would have ticket prices.
Cortney showed the board a diagram of thoughts for this face lift. Connie Gerard wondered if Linda Tidball had been contacted about this project yet. She had been contacted. Nate Cortney had been contacted as well.
Corbett admitted that he did not have much construction knowledge. He would need input and help with this portion. He also wanted the board to be aware, so if they moved forward and could figure out how to get it done, they could plan fund raisers accordingly.
In other news:
Diana Grill was added to the list of school drivers.
Clova Wasserburger will be resigning soon as the head cook. The board voted to accept the resignation and to advertise for this position.
The next regular meeting will be held Monday, January 9 at 7 p.m.

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