Southern Hills Cattlewomen nominated Brenda Schnose

The Southern Hills Cattlewomen have nominated Brenda Schnose, of Oelrichs, as its Prime Beef Supporter for 2016. Brenda has been in the business of managing restaurants in Fall River County for over 28 years. She started her career in the restaurant business in 1987, cooking on Friday and Saturday nights for a local restaurant owner.
Brenda grew up on a family ranch and attended school in Fall River County. After high school graduation, she attended Chadron Sate College and obtained a degree in Business Education. After graduation she worked as the business manager of the Oelrichs School for two years.
She had always enjoyed preparing meals and soon found herself preparing steaks and a meal for “Men’s Steak Night” at the local Legion Club. The men actually cooked their own steak, but on “Ladies’ Night,” Brenda did the cooking.
For six years, she managed a restaurant southeast of Hot Springs called “One Eyed Jack.” This restaurant became famous for excellent hamburgers and “beer batter french fries.” Rib eye steaks and chicken fried steak were also popular items on the menu.
In the early 2000’s, Brenda had an opportunity to buy a restaurant in her hometown of Oelrichs. The business was originally located in a remodeled house, but a few years later, she and her husband, Tom, decided to erect a building closer to the highway. They provided the material and people of the Oelrichs community provided the labor. She has owned and operated this business for ten years. She has prepared and served “Senior Meals” for the senior citizens in the area for eight years. Her 90% lean hamburgers and crispy fries, along with chicken fried steak are popular menu items. Home made coleslaw is also served with the meals.
Brenda is very supportive of the Oelrichs community. She was instrumental in erecting a roadside sign, recognizing local NFR rodeo champion winners,. Chad Ferley and Lisa Lockhart. She prepares food the concession stand for the local rodeo, “The Last Roundup,” that is held in September each year. Brenda is also very supportive of local rodeo contestants posting picture of their activities on a wall in the business. Another of her activities is catering food for brandings. Brenda has also been very supportive of the local Cattlewomen’s club, utilizing the beef placements and honoring beef certificates.
Brenda recently had the opportunity to sell her business and devote more time to her sideline business, “Healing Hands Therapy.” She and Tom have purchased additional ranch land and she is looking forward to devoting more time to the ranch work.

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