2016 Election Results

South Dakota Election Results:
Presidential Race:
Donald J. Trump, Republican, 227,701 votes
Hillary Clinton, Democrat, 117,442 votes
Gary Johnson, Libertarian, 20,845 votes
Darrell L. Castle, Constitution, 4,059 votes
United States Senator:
John R. Thune, Republican, 265,494 votes
Jay Williams, Democrat, 104,125 votes
United States Representative:
Kristi Noem, Repbulican, 237,141 votes
Paula Hawks, Democrat, 132,792 votes
Public Utilities Commissioner:
Chris Nelson, Republican, 268,927 votes
Henry Red Cloud, Democrat, 87,841 votes
Statewide Ballot Questions:
Constitutional Amendment R: An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution regarding postsecondary technical education institutes:
Yes: 178,187 votes
No: 173,924 votes
Constitutional Amendment S: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to expand rights for crime victims:
Yes: 215,262 votes
No: 146,073 votes’
Constitutional Amendment T: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to provide for state legislative redistricting by a commission:
Yes: 149,926 votes
No: 198,955 votes
Constitutional amendment U: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution limiting the ability to set statutory interest rates for loans:
Yes: 130,606 votes
No: 224,850 votes
Constitutional Amendment V: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution establishing nonpartisan elections:
Yes: 157,844 votes
No: 196,767 votes
Initiated Measure 21: An initiated measure to set a maximum finance charge for certain licensed money lenders:
Yes: 270,278 votes
No: 87,347 votes
Initiated Measure 22: An initiated measure to revise state campaign finance and lobbying laws, create a publicly funded campaign finance program, creat an ethics commission and appropriate funds:
Yes: 180,580 votes
No: 169,220 votes
Initiated Measure 23: An initiated measure to give certain organizations the right to charge fees:
Yes: 71,240 votes
No: 279,453 votes
Referred Law 19: An act to revise state laws regarding elections and election petitions:
Yes: 98,649 votes
No: 242,107 votes
Referred Law 20: An act lowering the state minimum wage for non-tipped employess under age 18:
Yes: 104,172 votes
No: 256,658 votes
District 30 State Senator:
Lance Russell, Republican, 9,173 votes
Karla R. LaRive, Democrat, 3,653 votes
District 30 State Representative:
Tim R. Goodwin, Republican, 8,233 votes
Julie Frye-Mueller, Republican, 8,086 votes
Sandy Arseneault, democrat, 3,397 votes
Kristine Ina Winter, Democrat, 2,915 votes
Fall River State’s Attorney:
James Sword, Republican, 1,963 votes
Patrick Ginsbach, Democrat, 1,381 votes
Fall River County Commissioners at Large:
Joe Allen , Republican, 2,077 votes
Ann Abbott, Republican, 1,861 votes
Paul Nabholz, Republican, 1,555 votes
Adam Heath, Democrat, 1,303 votes
Wayne Piper, Independent, 1,085 votes

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