City Council Holds Regular Meeting in October

By Aaron Eberle
On Tuesday, October 18, the City Council met at 7 p.m.
Deputy Lyle Norton gave the Law Enforcement Report. Norton responded to some question sent in an e-mail by finance officer, Karen Cain. Norton stated that he did not have any updates on Cactus Hills.
Norton also stated that the Kiosk had been broken into at the park. Where the kiosk sits does not show up on the cameras in the park. Norton was hopeful after watching footage that at least they would know who had entered and exited the park to come up with possible leads.
Councilwoman Barb Strozewski wondered if their was a possibility of more cameras or better ones at the park. Wayne Piper also wondered if the City had looked into the possibility of trail cameras. Mayor Carl Shaw stated that they were working on things to get it better.
There was a call on the log about someone knocking and running going on at a residence on Third Avenue. That night was the same night as a fire at Battle Mountain. Deputies were busy with traffic control that night. One deputy was over later in the evening to patrol and check on this call, but by that time the knocking and running around had stopped.
There were questions about April Fox’s dog being abandoning. Dave Gullickson had assisted with care and feeding of the dog for a time. Norton did not know who had taken the dog on a more permanent basis, but he did know the dog had a home.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward had reported that the Public Works Crew had been busy with maintenance, winterizing and other things.
Mayor Carl Shaw showed everybody a casing that came out of Well #4. It was very worn and rusted. Shaw stated that Well #2 is around 30 years older and the engineers are busy trying to come up with a solution.
Shaw and Councilman George West attended the County Commissioners meeting earlier that day. They were asked some questions about the Law Enforcement contract. Shaw didn’t think that some things were agreeing with what he felt the sheriff’s office was spending here. They would have to look further into it.
Public comment was heard by Lois and Margaret Stewart.
Lois was wondering about what was happening with the Law Enforcement Contract. Shaw stated that they are trying to work out negotiations with the county or sheriff’s office to come up with a different contract. They will not be renewing they current one.
Lois asked if there was a backup plan if they couldn’t come up with an agreement. As of this time there is not.
Lois also stated that she has made many complaints about their water pressure. Shaw stated that he will have the Public works crew look into it.
Margaret made a comment about how the corner in front of their house is not draining well.
Bill Tanner submitted a quote that included a 50 user, two hose usb option and pulsers for meters. This would help to keep better track of how much and where all of the fuel was going that the City was using. Council approved this.
Dustin Dale with AE2S (water project) was to be at the meeting with a change order. That did not come together, so it was tabled until the next council meeting.
Other things that were approved:
Kyle Kaiser and Matt Soiland will be attending Water Distribution classes in Spearfish.
The Audit for two years for the City of Edgemont had been reviewed and accepted.
The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 1, at 7 p.m.

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