Appreciation picnic held for construction workers

Photo by Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald-Star

Workers with the SD DOT, Complete Concrete, the City of Hot Springs and DRM, Inc., were treated to a free lunch last Wednesday, July 13.


HOT SPRINGS – Last Wednesday, July 13, an Appreciation Lunch was hosted in Centennial Park for all of the workers involved with the ongoing Hwy. 385 reconstruction project. More than 50 people attended the lunch which included workers from the City of Hot Springs, Complete Concrete, DRM, Inc., and the S.D. Department of Transportation.

The idea for the picnic lunch came about after two community members, who wanted to remain anonymous, were visiting about how they could send a gesture of thanks on behalf of the community of Hot Springs.

“One friend called another friend to chat and commented on seeing the 385 construction guys working in the heat and covered with red clay mud and wearing mesh face masks,” one of the organizers stated. “The friend had seen the same. So, the idea was floated to buy them all lunch on a work-day during their break as a way to say ‘Thank You’ for doing what is needed to make Hot Springs a better place to live and visit. The friend agreed to make cookies for dessert for the lunch and helped with all logistics and arrangements with SDDOT Project Engineer Matt “Rip” Rippentropp.

Rippentrop loved the idea and then helped coordinate and purchase some of the food items, along with the two community members and the City of Hot Springs.

“Putting oneself into these fella’s work boots is a good thing to remember when we are all feeling frustration with the detours, constant changes and traffic congestion, “ stated one of the anonymous coordinators of the picnic.

“We still have well over a year left in the project and we all should be kind to one another in the process,” stated the friend. They both suggest that if anyone else feels this same way, there are many other ways to express thanks to the workers.

“Join with friends or family to host another picnic later this summer. Or, on a 100-degree day when you are going out for errands, think about putting some cold water bottles in your front seat and pass them out to the workers as you go by them. And, don’t forget a word of kindness. A simple thanks spoken for helping to make our community better can mean so much…for both of you.”

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