Cheyenne River Regulators bring home a champion from National Championships in Deadwood

Edgemont Mayor Carla Schepler,  aka Midnight Songbird, was one of 12 members of the Cheyenne River Regulators Fast Draw Club that competed in the U.S. National Championship held June 16-18 in Deadwood  (submitted photo)


By Eric Harrold

Staff Writer

HOT SPRINGS – Twelve members of the Cheyenne River Regulators Fast Draw Club attended the Cowboy Fast Draw Association’s U.S. National Championship held June 16-18 in Deadwood and hosted by the Powderhorn Ranch Regulators. 

Club members include: John Koller (Johnny Three Toes), Dustin Ross (Roscoe), Erica Koller Ross (Lady Doc), Tucker Ross (Marshall Tucker), Harper Ross (Hurricane Harper), Jerald Smith (Lakota Smith), Alfred Schutt (Snuffy), Jeff Birdsall (Cactus Jack), Patrick Bell (Running Gun), Val Bell (Devil Woman), Robert Schepler (Wild Bob Hiccup), and Carla Schepler (Midnight Songbird). 

The first day consisted of Categories Matches that saw Hurricane Harper place 9th among competitors in the Annie Oakley, Lady Doc place 6th in Ladies Traditional, Devil Woman place 14th in Ladies 49ers, and Midnight Songbird place 7th in the Ladies Senior event. On the guys’ side, Roscoe placed 12th in Men’s Traditional, Running Gun placed 10th in Men’s Senior, Snuffy placed 9th and Johnny Three Toes 13th in Men’s Old Timers, Lakota Smith placed 2nd and Wild Bob Hiccup placed 5th in Men’s Golden Gun. 

The next two days, the shooters were competing for U.S. National Championship. In the Ladies Division, Lady Doc placed 6th out of 87 participants. In the Mens’ Division, Johnny Three Toes placed 9th out of 155 participants. In the Annie Oakley Division, Hurricane Harper placed 8th out of 12 participants and in the Billy the Kid Division, Marshall Tucker outdueled one other competitor for 1st place and a National Championship. Ironically, five years ago on Father’s Day Weekend, Marshall’s grandpa, Johnny Three Toes won the Nationals in Deadwood to make for a great family tradition in competitive shooting.

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