Law Enforcement Topic of City Council Meeting

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s City Council held a regular meeting on Tuesday, October 4 at 7 p.m.
Deputy Lyle Norton gave the law enforcement report. Mayor Carl Shaw asked Norton how they were coming with the vandalism investigation. Norton stated that they have no possible suspects yet, but Sheriff Evans has one possible lead.
Councilwomen Barb Strozewski and Brenda Cullen both have concerns about Cactus Hills being known as the meth house in town. Strozewski asked how many times Cactus Hills is checked on when the sheriff’s department was there. Norton responded that he calls dispatch once during his shift in Edgemont, but he is by there at least three times in a two hour period.
Cullen stated that the high school kids have been talking about Cactus Hills being a meth house. Norton stated that there is no evidence of that. Shaw also stated that he was with Norton when the damage to Cactus Hills was checked on. There were a few cigarette butts laying on the ground and fire extinguisher foam, as well as broken windows, etc, but no physical evidence of drug paraphernalia.
Shaw also stated that the kids could possibly be doing meth in the cars up there. Norton agreed that could be a possibility.
Dustin Aldrich, new animal control officer (ACO) stated that so far he has trapped 6 skunks and 5 raccoons. Aldrich has also caught a few dogs. He has asked one owner to keep the dog chained.
Aldrich caught a cat behind the Victory and has taken another cat to Cheyenne River Animal Hospital. Shaw asked Aldrich if he had the new traps yet. Aldrich stated that yes he did, they were painted and set.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward stated that the Public Works Crew has been busy with mowing, fixing water valves, equipment maintenance, taking flags down on main, setting up banners and barricades for the bike trek and car show, and various other things.
Woodward stated that the summer help had quit. Cullen asked if they were about finished anyway. Woodward stated that they were, so things worked pretty good.
Shaw stated that Stephen Fanciullo, curator from a museum in Toppenish, WA had e-mailed him about the canons in the Edgemont City Park. They have the same type of canons but there is a part missing on theirs.
Shaw stated that they would like to make a mold of the part for their canons. Woodward wondered if they would pay for the cost of shipping the part back and forth. Woodward also wondered if it was possible to get the part of the canons without damaging it. Shaw stated that they would be willing to pay the shipping both ways, but wasn’t sure about the damage to the canon or the part. Woodward was personally good with the arrangement if our part didn’t break.
Shaw stated that there has been some interest in the Cactus Hills building to start a business. They would like to try it out for six to eight months and then go from there.
Shaw will be meeting with AE2S to discuss the progress so far on the water project. Well #4 is finished and they will be discussing what to do with Well #2.
The council entered into executive session at 7:21 p.m. and resumed their meeting at 8:06 p.m.
The council discussed fall cleanup vouchers. Strozewski asked if a T.V. could be included on the vouchers. They could, just no white appliances or tires could be included. It was also asked if the Public Works Crew would be picking up branches again. They will on October 20.
Fall Cleanup Vouchers will be good until November 19. No extensions will be added to this time. Council approved this.
Woodward made a motion to have a letter drafted to the commissioners and the Fall River County Sheriff’s office to not renew their current contract with the Sheriff’s Office, but would be open for negotiations on a new contract.
No discussion was held on this matter amongst the council. They all voted yes on this motion.

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