Fundraising efforts underway for new Livestock Show Barn at Fall River County Fairgrounds

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Fall River County 4-H Youth present a check to the Fall River County Fair Board for $5,000 raised through a hog raffle and other fundraising efforts to go toward helping fund the new show barn that will replace two existing structures. 


By Eric Harrold

Staff Writer

After 40 years, the presently existing livestock show barn that is used by Fall River County’s 4-H youth during the annual Achievement Days that are held in conjunction with the County Fair is certainly showing signs of wear and tear from exposure to the elements through the years. Its rusty tin and aging wooden support beams have seen their share of livestock shows in the August heat, while subjected to wind, rain, and frozen precipitation throughout the year as its design affords little in the way of protection. Even so, the local wildlife appreciate the shelter it provides. A ride past the fairgrounds this past Saturday found a couple of mule deer seeking shade from the afternoon sun underneath the barn nearest the newer Armstrong structure.  

A drive along about any stretch of road in the county reveals just how important livestock and other animal production is to the families that live here. The prevailing sentiment is that the county’s youth need a more modern and safe facility for use as a show barn. While fundraising efforts for a new show barn have just gotten off the ground, one anonymous Fall River County family has contributed $5,000 because of a desire to see 4-H kids have a better facility to serve as a place to show their livestock.

To date the local 4-H clubs have donated over $15,000 to the Fairboard toward the cost of construction of the new livestock barns to replace the existing original structures.  Erin McGlumphy, 4-H Youth Program Advisor, while elated that one community member has made such a tremendous anonymous donation, is really excited about the fact that in just one summer, all of the counties 4-H kids collectively through a hog raffle and other smaller fundraising efforts, such as the annual pancake breakfast during the county fair, were successful in raising over $5,000! 

Brad Grill, Fair Board member, also feels good about the initial beginning of fundraising efforts. “We’ve got a good start on the livestock building for the 4-H kids where they will exhibit their livestock.” Grill indicated that the design of the new building will reflect the need for multi-purpose use by a small community that also needs to be able to not only exhibit livestock, but also hold other events related to ranching and animal husbandry. Exhibited livestock will be held in free-standing pens within the larger structure. Seating will be provided with portable bleachers, which allows the barn to be completely cleaned out after Achievement days allowing the barns to be used for other purposes. 

Donations will continue to be accepted through the completion of the project.  A timeline for completion of the project has not been set, there are a lot of variables that have to come together; for example, building material cost and availability, demolition of old structures, dirt work and construction of the new building. There are other projects in progress at the Fairgrounds that need to be completed before work on the new show barn can begin.  

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