Scholarships, honors presented at Hot Springs Awards Night

Photo by Brett Nachtigall/Fall River County Herald-Star

Hot Springs High School students who earned awards and/or scholarships at the Awards Night Banquet held last month included, back row from left: Carl Massa, Modes Kerr, William Kuhl, Caleb Rickenbach, Warren Russell, Trace DeBoer, Hunter Haines, Logan Halls, Camron Maciejewksi, Dylan Webb. Middle row: Dawson Kleppe, Ethan Savage, Abby Kerr, Kyra Utecht, Rachel Rickenbach, Maaca Cuny, Maggie Preuss, Tabea Kuechler, Ella Bossert, Jaylen Nachtigall, Brooke Harkless, Kylene Baker, Taylor Horton, Preston Iverson, Tyler Remington. Front row: Autumn Westinghouse, Shelby Westinghouse, Rhiannon Allen, Emma Wieseler, Kambree Maciejewski, Faith Ngaira, JeweliAnna Brown, Genevieve Ambuul, James Ohrmund, Madison Red Owl, Remington Allen, Javonte Madsen.


HOT SPRINGS – On Monday, May 9, Hot Springs High School hosted an awards banquet in Case Auditorium where several honors were presented, including scholarships to the outgoing seniors, as well as recognition for National Honor Society and Academic Letters.

Following is a listing of the awards presented.

Academic Letterwinners: 

9th – Senay Pulscher, Zachary Wilson 

10th – Genevieve Ambuul,  Andrew Kerr, Magdalynne Preuss, Caleb Rickenbach, Ethan Savage

11th – Ella Bossert, Jenna Ellis, Abby Kerr, Tabea Kuechler, James Ohrmund, Jaylen Nachtigall

12th – JeweliAnna Brown, William Kuhl IV, Rachel Rickenbach, Kyra Utecht

National Honor Society:

President Ella Bossert; Vice President Genevieve Ambuul; Secretary Jaylen Nachtigall; Treasurer Kambree Maciejewski; Reporter Lindsay Reetz

Current Members: Maaca Cuny, Preston Iverson, Abby Kerr, Alyssa Koffler, Kayden Mathis, Ciara Stewart, Dylan Webb, Autumn Westinghouse, and Emma Wieseler

2021∙2022 New Members:  Kierra Allen, Lillian Broyles, Lynnea Cuny, Modes Kerr, Clancy Kimble, Dawson Kleppe, Cameron Maciejewski, James Ohrmund, Erin Osmotherly, Maggie Preuss, Tyler Remmington, Caleb Rickenbach, Ethan Savage, Serenity Schell, Lily Theilmann, Shelby Westinghouse

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Athletes of the Year: Brooke Harkless and Carl Massa.

South Dakota Regents Scholars:  Automatic Admission to all six public universities and ability to apply for SD Opportunity Scholarship – Taylor Horton, William Kuhl IV, Rachel Rickenbach, Nynaeve Rooks, Warren Russell, Kaiyanna Schniers, Seth Simunek, Kyra Utecht

Scholarship Winners:

Remington Allen – Hot Springs Kiwanis Scholarship ($500).

Kylene Baker – Bill and Mary Fischer Technical Education Scholarship ($1,000).

JeweliAnna Brown – Hot Springs Masons Harmony Lodge #110 Scholarship ($500); Hot Springs Elks Lodge ($500); HSHS Alumni Association Prestigious Scholarship ($1,500); HSHS Alumni Susanne Jett Davies Scholarship Award ($500).

Trace DeBoer – Hot Springs Elks Lodge ($500);

Hunter Haines – Build Dakota Scholarship (Southeast Tech)

Logan Halls – Hot Springs Bison Booster Club Scholarship ($500).

Brooke Harkless – Goldenwest Scholarship ($1,000).

Will Kuhl – Jensen Family Memorial Scholarship ($1,000); Hot Springs Elks Lodge ($500);

Javonte Madsen – Hot Springs Masons Harmony Lodge #110 Scholarship ($500);

Carl Massa – June Wilkinson Music Scholarship ($1,500)

Faith Ngaira – Darlene Hagedorn Memorial Scholarship; Hot Springs Educational Association Scholarship ($500); 

Madison Red Owl – Hot Springs Rotary Scholarship ($1,000); Franz Brown Friends of the Library Art Scholarship ($1,000); Odd Fellows Scholarship.

Rachel Rickenbach – Marvin Wilkinson Science Scholarship ($1,500); Kathleen Connel Scholarship ($2,500); Hot Springs Bison Booster Club Scholarship ($500); First Interstate Bank ($500); HSHS Alumni H.R. Woodward Science Scholasrhip ($500); H.R. Woodward Brianna Bogner Memorial Scholarship ($250).

Warren Russell – American Legion Auxiliary ($250

Megan Sanders – Jeanie Rail HSEA Scholarship ($500); HSHS Alumni Clifford and Joyce Wilson Community Service Award ($500).

Ashton Schwarz – PEO Scholarship ($250); Hot Springs Masons Harmony Lodge #110 Scholarship ($500); 

Seth Simunek – Build Dakota Scholarship (Western Dakota Tech)

Brynn Thompson – Stanley Nase Family Scholarship ($1,000)

Kyra Utecht – Jack Nelson Scholarship ($600),

Weston Watson – HSHS Alumni Technical Training Scholarship ($500)

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