School Board Holds Regular Meeting

On Monday, September 12, the Edgemont School Board held a regular meeting.
Superintendant Dave Cortney took the board on a tour of the school to show updates throughout the building.
Business Manager Diane Stevens was going to attend the Business Officials Fall Conference in Pierre. Stevens also reported that the annual report was completed and accepted by the state. She and Cortney have been continuing to work on the budget.
Dean Lane Ostenson stated that they have started their regular staff meetings. He and Mrs. Ferley are meeting with elementary teachers on Wenesdays and the junior high and high school teachers on Thursdays.
Principal Amy Ferley talked about the Customized Learning Grant of $10,000 dollars. This if proved by the Bush Foundation and there are certain guidelines the school must follow over the next few years.
One of the stages is having implementers of this new learning. Ferley stated that several of the teacher have been participating in this already. They have participated in the professional development available through the program and have been implementing these ideas into their own classrooms, working to meet the student at their individual learning levels.
Ferley stated that the structural rebuild team should consist of six to eight people. They would be responsible for creating the strategies to make the changes to support customized environment for students.
Cortney stated that he and Diane have been very busy completing reports, which include their Consolidate Application for Title I, the Flowthrough Report for Sped and the school’s Annual Report.
Cortney and Stevens both requested that the board hold a special meeting to approve the 2016 - 2017 budget. They have been waiting on a few numbers but should be ready by the end of September. The board could meet again on Monday, September 26, at 7 p.m.
Cortney also discussed that the administration at Hot Springs had approached him, as well as the Oelrichs administration. Hot Springs would like to hire a Resource Officer using their PILT Money. This would cost $40,000 per year and Hot Springs wondered if Oelrichs and Edgemont would be interested in sharing the officer and the costs.
Cortney at that time told them no. He did not feel that Edgemont got enough PILT money (which they were using for other things anyway) and didn’t feel that they would get the officer for enough time to justify the expense.
The board will be implementing new policies, which include bullying, open enrollment and conflict of interest. Cortney went over the conflict of interest policy in great detail. He wanted everyone to be aware of what may constitute as a conflict. There is a waiver that an individual may sign at the beginning of the school year if they feel that there will be a conflict of interest during the course of the school year.
Ashley Mills resigned, effective immediately, as the assistant cook. Cortney recommended to the board that they hire Deb Mortion to replace Mills. The board approved.
After the special board meeting on Monday, September 26, the board will hold a regular meeting on Monday, October 10, at 7 p.m.

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