City Council holds Regular Meeting 9-15-16

On Tuesday, September 6, the city council of Edgemont met at 7 p.m.
Deputy Josh Buckwheat gave the law enforcement report. Councilwoman Sandra Woodward asked if they were making any headway on the program for kids that had gotten in trouble. Buckwheat stated that Sheriff Evans was going to ask Martha Jarman and go from there. Buckwheat also stated that Deputy Logue told him that he did not have anything to do with the program when it was started before. Finance Officer Karen Cain thought that Logue had signed some things the first time.
Mayor Carl Shaw stated that he had looked into the vandalism at Cactus Hills, mostly for insurance purposes. Windows had been broken out of the building, as well as glass inside of the building. The fire extinguishers had been used and there was foam all over the place. The insurance man had been there and taken pictures. Someone will need to be found in the future to fix things.
Wayne Piper spoke during public comment. He had lost his dog in an abandoned house for eight days on 603 Fourth Avenue. Piper was concerned that it may have been a different story if it was a child. The house has no flooring and is very easy to get into, but can be difficult to exit the building. Piper also stated that this is not the only abandoned house or building in Edgemont and believes that vandalism would be a different story if things were boarded up or building were tore down. Vandals often target abandoned buildings. Piper also stated that not only were they public nuisances, but eye sores.
Councilwoman Woodward was worried about the cost of taking care of these buildings. Piper believed that you could charge the City’s cost against the back taxes on the building. Councilwoman Carla Schepler wondered if they could do anything if the taxes were paid up on the building as a City. Piper thought they could still board the building up, because it was a nuisance. Deputy Buckwheat was going to further check into this situation.
Piper was also concerned about his July water bill for June’s usage. He didn’t think about the amount (52,000 gallons) until after he paid. Piper contacted Public Works Foreman Joe Koller to check the meter, which was hardly moving. When Piper received the next bill it showed 6,000 gallons of usage, which he stated was fairly average or typical for him in a month. This made him believe that nothing was leaking and he was concerned that the 52,000 gallons was extremely high. Piper was also told after he had went through proper steps, he was supposed to address the council with the issue. Councilwoman Brenda Cullen stated that she has had similar issues over the past two years and knows that they have not used the 10,000 gallons during that particular pay period. Research was going to be done and they would get back to Piper.
In other news:
Andrea Powers stated that the next SHEDCO meeting would be September 16 at Sunrise Ranch at 6 p.m. She is requesting a head count if possible and will e-mail people about it. Mark Hollenbeck will be serving appetizers and beverages for a flat fee, so a head count would be nice.
Dustin Aldrich was hired as the new Animal Control Officer.
Mary Kellogg and Nikki Ostenson were approved as the two new members of the Library Board. They are replacing the two that left and will fill in until May of 2019.
Updates on the water project were given. They will need an extra week to get some issues fixed and do a few more things. Council approved this measure.
Councilman George West stated that there would be a 2% increase per hour in the wages for all employees after negotiating with the union.
West also went through budget requests. The council approved requests for the Chamber, Beautification, SHEDCO, Historical Society, Senior Citizens, Senior Nutrition, Senior Transportation and the Library (amounts reflected in the minutes on page 8). The Edgemont Volunteer Fire Department will receive $15,000 in subsidies as well as $32,000 for other expenses, contingent upon a meeting with the Fire Board.

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