Getting Healthy One Detox at a Time

By Aaron Eberle
There is going to be a new face in town twice a month at “The Shop”. Bonae VonHeeder will be here at least every second Monday and fourth Saturday to offer ION foot bath detox, lower leg massages and foot massage/reflexology.
Bonae grew up in Alliance, NE and moved to Fort Worth, Texas later in her life. Her and her husband, Roy, moved closer to home to be near her parents and get back to the small town way of life. Roy will be starting his own job of making home improvements or doing remodeling for people.
When Bonae is in Edgemont, she will be working by appointment only. She will also have gift certificates available.
Bonae will also be at the Pine Hills Retirement Center in Hot Springs, Tuesdays through Fridays. On Wednesdays she will be helping the residents at Pine Hills with massages from their own chairs. The rest of the time she will make appointments with other people for massages, facials, sugar scrubs, foot baths and massages.
An ionic foot bath detox is supposed to help with many health issues, including fluid retention, inflammation, memory, immune system, and much, much more.
Bonae will be here September 12 and September 24. She is excited about the Fall Festival and is anxious to meet more people.
If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please see the ad on page 3.

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