Council hold regular meeting

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s City Council met on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 p.m.
No one from the Fall River County Sheriff’s office was there to give a law enforcement report. Mayor Carl Shaw asked Councilwoman Barb Strozewski if she had anything that she may be able to add to this portion of the meeting. Strozewski stated that she had stepped down as the law enforcement committee chair and that councilman George West would be the new chair. Shaw recommended that if anyone had questions about the law enforcement report, they could ask West.
Councilwoman Sandra Woodward stated that the Public Works Crew has been very busy with several projects. One of the projects they have started on is the repair of Woody’s Workshop roof.
Shaw stated that he has been going to Rapid City after parts for the Public Works Crew. They have also been working on the pool. The new pump had quit and there was some cloudiness in the water. The water can be fixed with a product that is supposed to draw the dirt or other particles out of the water to clean it.
Woodward asked if anything had been looked into as far as the animal control officer replacement. Shaw stated that they needed to have a committee meeting to discuss it further and before they could take the next step.
Strozewski was under the impression that if they went with marshal services, what used to be funds for the animal control officer and the building code enforcement position, would go into the marshal services. Strozewski was concerned that if this happened, those positions would no longer be available or there.
Councilwoman Brenda Cullen stated that if the marshal services were used, she believed that the marshal would also have to enforce animal control and building codes.
In other news:
Rick Reed from Golden West Cablevision approached the council about reviewing the cable television for renewal or extension of agreement number 330. This would provide Golden West with right of way access or easement within the city to provide cable services to customers.
April Fox requested a temporary liquor and malt beverage license for a BNSF retirement party to be held on July 23 at the Fairgrounds. Council approved this.
Heidi McBride requested a temporary malt beverage license for the Fall River County Fair. After discussion of when Fair really was this year, council approved the temporary license.
Andrea Powers from Southern Hills Economic Development Corporation (SHEDCO) discussed hydrophobic and other ways to use resources in Fall River County. She has applied for a grant, but need backers to ensure the grant.
Powers was hoping to request that two-thirds of the money come form Hot Springs and one-third from Edgemont. Council requested that she check with Fall River County for the possibility of money and other aid.
West also advised Powers that there could be a possibility of using the VA as a resource. Occasional programs like she is wanting to implement would be a way for veterans to work.
The council also requested that Powers keep in touch with them in case they could be of further assistance.

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