Points to Ponder about the City of Edgemont

By Aaron Eberle
After the City Council meeting held on June 7, I pondered many things.
The council decided to no longer be in contract with Fall River County for their law enforcement services.
This raised many questions for me. I realize I don’t know everything there is to know about Fall River County or the City of Edgemont, but several things popped to mind.
If we have our own “marshal” or “security guard services,” will this cost us more money? Not only do we have to consider salary and insurance on our own, but do we have to figure out vehicle, dispatch and jail costs? Where does that money come from? Will our taxes be raised?
These new “marshal” or “security guard” services - will they be qualified to make arrests and serve and protect like somebody that is certified to uphold the law?
While going through bound copies, I discovered that this is not the first time that Edgemont has tried to have their own city police. When faced with many burdens, it was not long before they were tied to the county. With cost of living and other expenses rising, will it work this time, especially when it has been proven to not work before?
We are already facing a much higher water bill. Many residents in Edgemont are on a fixed income. It was brought to my attention by a retired Edgemont pastor that many of his congregation could not afford a $10 Bible study manual. If they were struggling to do that, they can by no means pay the higher cost of the water bill.
With Edgemont going through an economic down turn, are these decisions wise?
I fear this decision will be an added burden to our town based on decisions made by the council, mayor and finance officer.
I encourage the citizens of Edgemont to do their civic duty and attend the next council meeting on June 21 at 7 p.m. Our voices need to be heard.

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