Former resident pens her first Christian book

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Had it not been for a worldwide pandemic, Audrey (Wyatt) Shrive’s book “This is from Me” may have never been penned.

“I have a dear friend who, years ago, suggested I write a book about how my first marriage ended. That same friend, who is a published author, offered a four-week class on how to write a memoir at the beginning of the COVID crisis in 2020,” said Shrive, who grew up in Oral and graduated from Hot Springs High School in 1982. “I just laughed and thought to myself, ‘I guess I’m writing a book.’”

Now published, “This is from Me,” takes the reader on the author’s journey through date rape, spiritual rebellion, courtship, marriage, addiction and divorce. Shrives story shows God’s provision and protection from her own bad choices and the bad choices of others. The book demonstrates God’s faithfulness to pursue all who rebel against Him.

“I’m such an example of how God pursues His rebellious children,” Shrive said. “No matter how rebellious I was against Him in my youth, He never gave up on me. And thank goodness for that. I can’t imagine going through the pressures of an ugly divorce without the Lord.”

Shrive said there have been a couple of things surprising in the books release. She thought her target market would be women. Since the coming out, almost half of her readers have been men. Several of those men have reached out to her and told her they were encouraged by the book and had a similar experience in a difficult divorce. 

The second surprise is how captivating her readers indicate the book is. Nearly every reader who has given a review or sent Shrive a message  about the book has said they just couldn’t stop reading once they started. One review described the book as ‘un-putdownable.’

“This is from Me” tackles some tough subjects. The book touches on church discipline, grief, anger at God and comfort in a crisis. Shrive tells her story of her spiritual growth and spiritual healing with just the right amount of humor and gravity.

Shrive was raised on a farm and ranch in southwestern South Dakota. She was taught a strong work ethic, how to problem solve, as well as how to be resourceful and self-reliant.

“It was such a great place to grow up. I miss it every day,” she said. “My family was a ‘don’t let go of the rope, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and put a smile on your face no matter what’ type of family. We worked hard and laughed a lot. I think the expectation of excellence was bred into us.”

These traits learned or innate, along with a deep and abiding faith in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, gave her what she needed to cope with the deep rejection of divorce, as well as the many other difficulties she’s experienced in just living life. While not addressed in her book Shrive shared that being childless has been one of life’s saddest realities. Also, her husband of over 20 years has had a constant drip of health issues since before they were married. The role of caregiver off and on during those years has been difficult at times.

“When I said I’d stand by him in sickness and in health in those wedding vows, I meant it,” Shrive said. 

 “This is from Me” is available on Amazon or through the author’s website Shrive can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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